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Great wishes and a lot of good words and comments to the Bridge of love. I would never think that I met my sweetheart at the dating site. It was against my nature and my life style. But it happened! And now coming back from Ukraine where I have the meeting with my girlfriend I can say that real happiness and love are with me. We are looking for the next meeting and keep in touch through the site. Of course we miss each other so deadly but I hope that this distance is not for too long. And soon ...
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Thanks a lot to all of the stuff of the Bridge of love for letting two hearts are together. We believed that we exist and we were looking for each other and we met at last. Now we are happy together, we can spend as much time as we want corresponding each other even though that we are so far from each other yet. We have the date in real and spend very romantic holidays at the Black Sea in Ukraine. Now she is planning to visit me in the UK. Now I can say that life can start over and be full ...
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Hello Bridge of love, my name is Tatyana and I am from ordinary Ukrainian city of Sumy. But some time ago a fairy-tale happened with me. I have met the most intelligent and wise man on your site. I have to say that my English was not perfect but we understood each other and now I speak pretty good I think. He came to visit me twice and next time invited me to his city. In real life he is even better. And he is so careful and attentive. I think no one man in my life behaves such way with me...
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Bridge of love is really great site with the most beautiful and touching girls. One of them became my girlfriend and we even met already. That was something extraordinary and real extreme for me. I have never been so far and of course never been in Russia. I do not know the language and the habits of this culture. So I was a bit nervous. But everything was more than just great. Luda spend all of the time with me we had much fun and I felt myself loved and cared. She impressed me a lot an...
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I have rather hard times in my life when I registered at Bridge of love. I was surviving the deep depression after the divorce. I have to admit that girls' attention flattered me at that time and give me the strength for self -confidence. I did not think that I meet somebody for serious relations. But it happened. Now I am planning to be a husband again. And I am absolutely sure that this time will be much more successful than the previous one. My future wife is making all of the official d...
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