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I would like to recommend the Bridge of love to every person who wants to find his sweetheart. As for me I realized that very dream and found a brilliant girl here. Her name is Anya and she is beautiful as a rose. I am really surprised that I had tons of letters after my registration on this site. I thought that I am not so handsome and attractive for girls but Anya made me think the opposite or better to say that she proved me that appearance is not the most important thing in search...
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I have a very strong wish to hold every world lately and share my happiness. My new Ukrainian girl makes me smile every day of my life. We have met on your site and communicate for several months already. I am going to visit her in Ukraine and hope to make her a proposal soon after that. I am sure that we would like each other in real even more than online as far as we became so close for all that time of our internet relations. I am looking forward this meeting and I am dreaming every night...
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My story of love began in October when I register at Bridge of love. Lena was the first girl who wrote to me and the only one who stole my heart and all of my attention. Of course I have many others who wanted to make friends with me and they are also very sweet and pleasant girls but I can do nothing I fall in love from the first "hello" from her I guess. We spent this New Year together and she told me that in Ukraine there is a saying that you will spend the whole year with the perso...
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I am the usual not very young man who survive the divorce and loneliness and who is happy now. The reason for my happiness is Bridge of love. I have found on this site many friends among Russian and Ukrainian girls and at last have found my love as I think. She is a teacher of English in Ukrainian school and she is excellent and ideal in everything. Of course I see her as an innocent little angel as she is younger than me. But she is rather wise for her age and we have always something to di...
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Dearest bridge of love, I want to share my excitement and glory after using your service for 3 months. I have met a very good UK man here. Before that time I did not communicate with foreigners and I was a bit nervous when wrote to him. But he is so nice and understanding. We can chat for hours and the hours fly away so fast. Now we dream to meet in person. It is not one-day business of course but we have already planned the date of his coming. I am so impressed with all of that things happenin...
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