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Dearest bridge of love, I want to share my excitement and glory after using your service for 3 months. I have met a very good UK man here. Before that time I did not communicate with foreigners and I was a bit nervous when wrote to him. But he is so nice and understanding. We can chat for hours and the hours fly away so fast. Now we dream to meet in person. It is not one-day business of course but we have already planned the date of his coming. I am so impressed with all of that things happenin...
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I cannot believe that my next vacations will be spent in Ukraine. And even harder to believe that I will spend it with the girl I love. I met her and fall in love here, on this site and that is why I want to say great thanks to Bridge of love. I heard that Ukrainian girls are very beautiful and now I have known that in addition they are clever soft and can love with all of their heart. I realize that we can make each other happy when we began to write to each other and that was very lig...
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I think that internet dating will be the most popular in the world soon. At least with me it worked wonderful. I became a member of Bridge of Love and I feel myself better and better having all of that attention and care from a girl I have met here. She always worries if I had my breakfast and how was my working day. I realize that somebody need my company and like to be with me. For now it is only online conversations but very soon we will meet in real life. We like to dream how we spend our...
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I want to thank the Bridge of love and all of those great and wonderful women who wrote to me. But I have to admit that I met the girl of my life. We are already planning our soon marriage and she is living with me for a month already. That looks like fairy-tale and I still cannot understand if this is dream or reality. I want to mention that your site gave me unforgettable emotions and very comfortable warm atmosphere every time I came here. I want to wish a lot of luck and...
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I want to share my experience with all of men who are waiting and searching for relations which will be the best in their lives. I have searching for my Liliya during half a year. I have even met some girls before I decided wrote to her. But every time I understood that girl is not my fate and we won't be together cause of some reasons. But now I am glad that I had temptation and keep on trying. She cost all of that time. After some months we have met and I proved my feelings. Now I am absol...
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