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Thanks a lot to this very site. My Tony is best boyfriend. We have just came back from a short trip to Prague and he plan to spend some days with me in my town (I'm from Poltava). I cannot imagine how I will let him go home after that but I know that it won't be for too long. Next evening I will meet him again at Bridge of love and we will be able to share our loving fluids. That is so funny and exciting to meet with him online and in real. I would never believe if somebody would tell me that...
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I want to share my joy as many I do here. I will be the happy husband and a happy dad soon. And it is hard to believe that only a year ago I lived with my dog and my work only. But bridge of love changed that blue days. You guys gave me the chance to meet my future wife - the woman I adore, the woman who looks like my mom and who I plan to make a mom of my future kids. This site can change your fate and now I am absolutely assured of this. Our marriage is planned to be in a month. So I am ready...
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I want to share my story with those who is still thinking about the registering on this site. I did that several months ago because I am not good at making friends with girls in the pub or disco club. I prefer to spend calm home evenings and at work every girls are married. So I thought that bridge of love is my chance. And I was right. I have met Russian girl here. We chat every evening: joke, laugh, share secret and emotions. She is great! And she invited me to visit her. Of course I...
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I wish to say thanks to all of the Bridge of love team. That is really great resource which helped me to change my life to the best. I have met my future wife here. I have a feeling that me and Kate really think alike and as romantic novels say our hearts beating together. We have dropped mails to each other for something about 4 months. After that time we have known each other and our wish to meet in person was too great. I came to her little town (Simferopol, Ukraine) for my vacations. The tr...
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I am here just to say how thankful I am. Due to Bridge of love I have found my happiness and now I can share my life with best man on this planet. We have met half a year ago and got so close that I know all about him and feel him from kms away. It is like supernatural connection but love is always like that. We meet in real also. I flew to him from time to time as he is a bit busy at work for taking vacations to Ukraine. Every time we spend the cozy and calm family evenings together in fron...
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