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Bridge of love is the most right place for being yourself and being sure that you will be loved for that. I have no need to show off and to play roles here. I behave how I want and I am satisfied that the girl I chose love me as I am. We always understand each other and try to make the other smile and feel comfy after the long working day or just when the mood is sad. I am dreaming about meeting her in real and I hope that in a month it will happen. We plan to spend our best holidays ...
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My cousin has met his wife on this site. So I decided to try my luck also and registered at the Bridge of love. I was very surprised and amused when so many girls had a wish to communicate with me and make friends. Not a surprise that very soon I have met the girl who I like a lot. That is great to love and know that you loved in turn. Especially now when spring is coming. And my Julia coming with this spring to me. I have invited her to visit me and to look at my living. And she agreed! No...
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Hello great ladies of the Ukraine. My name is Mikhail.I have been a member on thissite for several months, and barely able to form an idea about the system,the ladies, and the possibilitiesfor marriage.Many ladies seem to be interested, and I regret not being able to respond. A sign for life is “Movement”. It is why I keep changing the contents of my profile. If any of you recognized this by being as interested as to repeatedly check my profile, you would have known already muc...
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The contest «Miss January» is over. It’s won by Luiza! She is passionate as she is beautiful. When she was young she dreamed of becoming a singer or actress on TV, but came to light as a sculpture artist. Her creativity is beyond imagination! It’s hard to find someone that open, friendly and cheerful as she is. Traditionally, the winner of the contest was interviewed by us: - Hello, Luiza, we are glad to see you here. - Hi, nice to meet you. - We congratulate y...
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Finding a person to live a life together, to share all the good and sad moments and enjoy each other's company is one of the most intimate desires for most people. And, unfortunately, this search often turns to be not the fairytale, but the road through thorns to stars where everything can happen, both good and bad. The main principle in love search is never give up and always believe that the best is yet to come. If a person don't like the idea of waiting for a luck to come, dating s...
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