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Thanks a lot Bridge of love! I guess that without your service I would never have an opportunity to meet a girl from so far away country. And now when Mary is in my heart I feel myself amazing. That is absolutely cool to fall in love when you did not plan it even. And so pleasant to feel that she has the same thoughts. I have to say that we meet rather often. Once a month at least. I cannot long without my honey. And very very soon I will steal her and we will make each oth...
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Good day from lucky Dan! Through the on-line dating I have met Svetlana. She is from Kharkiv (Ukraine). I registered on the site at rainy and depressing day. She said that her name has the meaning "light" and that is truth. She is like the sun in every-day routine. And she said that I am the closest person she has now. I took her here in Texas to spend some weeks with me and share my mode of life. That was so amazing experience which is hard to understand if you have not got it yourself. We a...
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