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Every man by a certain age has a type of a woman he likes. Surely, no man can resist a slim young attractive girl who has a great style in clothes, does not use too much makeup and is just fun to be around. However, while some men tend to like brunettes, others are more in favor of blondes or even redheads. Same goes for the length of a girl’s hair, even though in the majority of cases men prefer longer hair on a woman. It is an interesting thing, but longer hair always makes a woman l...
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There is a common belief that anything a girl wears is intended to make her attractive to men. There is also another saying which claims that girls wear clothes to show off to other girls. Both of these arguments are true and false in some way. In the modern world women prefer casual clothes, because they have to move all day long and want to feel comfortable. However, when a woman goes out, her choice of clothes says a lot about her and her intentions. So, why do girls like to wear mini ski...
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In the modern world that we live in, you rarely have to discuss such thing as sex before marriage. It is considered a normal thing to have sex before you get married. Many couples live together for years before they decide to wed, so it would be impossible to wait that long. Moreover, as more and more books and movies tell people about sex, many guys and girls want to test their sexual compatibility with their new partner, before they decide to continue their relationship and get married. ...
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Every man in his youth learns some basic things about a woman’s body. You read books or watch movies that show you how to please a woman, where to touch her and what to do to bring her satisfaction. However, as you get to use your knowledge in practice, you learn that every woman is different. Things that may have worked with one girl will not work with another one. It can be hard for a man to please a woman’s body on the very first night. If your goal is your own pleasure, you d...
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As more and more women are becoming successful in their careers and as the technology improves, the ability to work from home or simply manage your business and finances via a tablet or a laptop becomes extremely common. The women get a chance to become real housewives and still have a stable income that allows them to have a decent life style and take care of themselves and their family. Surely, this also means the increasing number of housewives on a dating scene. These ladies have all th...
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