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On the January 1 , biometric passports came into force in Ukraine The law on biometric passports signed by the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, came into effect on December 6th . The passport will include an embedded chip with biometric information: Photo of a person, fingerprints and information about the citizen from their current passport. At the same time, the information from biometric passports enters the Unified State Register of population , which is an electronic informa...
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You are going to come to Nikolayev, Ukraine or you are right here but do not know what to do and where to come than this city guide is for you. First of all consider your desires and your interests and then choose the best place where to go. So. If your passion is history , have a tour around city monuments they will introduce you to the different periods of world, Russian and Ukrainian history. Start from the Russian empire and take a look at the monument to the founder of the city Governo...
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Russian women are very sociable. They usually have a lot of friends, that is why it is so difficult for them to do without a phone. Sometimes it is called in Russia "to spend ages on the phone", because women really spend hours talking on the phone. Women in Russia often hang out with girl-friends to discuss their problems in life, recent events, tell secrets, or just gossip. Russian women are very good wives and mothers. Most of them know how to cook well. Usually their houses are spotless...
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If you ask which holiday a year is the most important for southern Ukrainians, the answer is definitely New Year's Eve. People here really love it and the only thought of it make them tremble with joy. It is probably the childhood memories of presents and joyful atmosphere which brings the anticipation of miracle. However adults thirst more for big parties as New Year celebration is the biggest social event of the year. If you want to understand what makes New Year be New Year in the Sout...
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How to organize the trip to your possible bride The natural way for working at your new relationships is meeting in real with pretty Russian woman you have met online. That is really extraordinary, full of emotions and hopes event. You maybe agree that when you write her letters or even call her it is much more different than the real meeting and date where you can touch her hand, look into her eyes and communicate as two real loving people. But the problem is still the same: you and yo...
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