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Why are Blonde Girls so Appealing?

Blonde Girls

For many centuries men and women have tried to understand the appeal of girls with blond hair. What is so special about blonde girls, why is it so easy for them to get what they want, what tricks do they use to make men fall over heels for them? No definite answer has been given but there is a certain explanation to this kind of blonde magic that works on everyone, whether it is a blonde’s boss or father-in-law. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

First of all, there is a classic type of blonde girls, and that is a blue-eyed girl with golden skin and curly hair. In most cases they also have long legs – well, you know, those legs you have seen on Barbie dolls. What man is not attracted to this image? Yes, there must be some exceptions but they probably have some mental problems. Dating blonde girls is a dream for 99,9% of men, even when they live with their brunette wives. While some people are sure that fair-haired girls are not marriage material, millions of men get married to blondes and live happily ever after.

There must be something at the subconscious level that makes men drop everything and start stumbling and being clumsy whenever they see blond hair on a woman or a girl. What is it? First of all, blond hair is a sign of youth. How many old ladies with blond hair have you seen? The right answer would be: a few. Secondly, whenever a blonde girl has dark complexion or simply tanned skin, it makes her face and long legs look even more attractive and seductive in the eyes of a man. Most men would not even realize that these are the reasons they find blonde girls so appealing but if you are a man and reading this article, now you have gotten a more or less scientific explanation. It’s just your instinct. Everyone wants a young and flawless partner.

Blonde man blonde girls seem to be a perfect couple but there is still a great number of dark-haired men who feel huge attraction to blonde women. They just cannot imagine themselves near a woman who has the same dark hair and/or dark complexion as they do. The opposite sex for them means the opposite appearance as well. And those men who prefer blonde girls have a huge choice. Eastern European, American, Swedish, Nordic, Australian nations all have the majority of blonde ladies to choose from. Just do not go searching for your perfect blonde in Africa or South America.

What else do blonde girls possess that brunettes might not necessarily have? They are charming and easy-going. In most cases they are also open-minded and talkative. Imagine the following situation: you are a man and you are in bar. There are two women whom you find attractive enough but one of them is a blonde and another one is a brunette. You do not really have any preferences when it comes to hair color, that’s why something else must push you to make the choice. The brunette girl is busy with her own thoughts, while the blonde girl is sending you some positive vibes, and you decide to approach her. That’s it! It’s very simply. Blonde girls are just more used to attention and do not consider men dangerous. They also do not mind chatting and laughing at his jokes and do not make long-term plans on your very first date. Any man would be attracted to this kind of behavior, so you can’t really judge men for preferring blondes in this situation.

Some men love blonde girls but they are too shy to come and introduce themselves. Why? They think that these beautiful ladies are already getting lots of attention and do not need another man hitting on him. However, they could not be more wrong. If you have been shy before, open up and show your genuine interest to a blonde woman. That’s when the magic will happen!