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What You Can Say To a Girl During a 5-Minute Date

Speed date with Ukrainian sweetie

Let’s admit it: all of us get nervous on a first date, and sometimes even on a second and third date. Sometimes we get so nervous, we start saying complete nonsense to a person standing next to us, and it often leads to failures. Well, one of the solutions can be drinking something soothing before the date, but then you risk being misunderstood. We have a better option for you: read this article and learn several phrases which you can say at any moment during the date and create a right impression.

First of all, when you just meet a girl at a cinema entrance, for instance, or when you pick her up in your car, make sure you say how beautiful and stunning she looks and how honored you are to have a date with her. Girls spend hours preparing for a date, even if they never admit it, and when a guy appreciates all the efforts, it is worth a lot. It can also be useful to specify what you like about her look the most. For example, ‘The color of this dress is perfect for your skin tone,’ or ‘I love this shade of lipstick on you.’ It will be great if you really mean it, because when you say you like something about a girl’s look, she will remember it for a long time and try to repeat it on your next date.

Now, when you have arrived to the movies or a restaurant and get a chance to chat, make a point of listening to her and asking questions. Show her your genuine interest with the following phrases, ‘You look incredibly fit and toned. It’s clear you do sports. I find it fascinating,’ ‘I hope you know by now that I value your opinion, so I have been wondering what you think of the latest article in our local newspaper,’ etc. Never ask something just for the sake of asking it. Be sure you stay interested in every subject you discuss, even if it is just chitchat.

The most important part comes when you are saying goodbye to each other after the date. Every girl wants to see and hear that you have had a great time and want to meet again as soon as possible. Do not try to be mysterious at this point, be as straightforward as you possibly can. Tell her that it was one of the best nights in your life, and you cannot wait to repeat it, so you will call her tomorrow to see if she is up to it. Avoid saying, ‘I will call you when I get a chance.’ If you want this girl, do not keep her waiting. Let her know that your intentions are serious, and you want to see her every day.

This article should help you win your date over, but don’t take it too seriously. After all, if she agreed to go out with you in the first place, you were already saying all the right things to her, so just keep it up!