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What to Get for My Ukrainian Girl: 20 Budget Ideas

[Updated: Nov, 2019] If you want to know what to get for your Ukrainian girl, then here is some good news. With Bridge of Love, you have a chance to show your care and passion with simple, yet well-planned gifts. 

How to Get your Ukrainian Girl a Gift?

In fact, it is really easy. Find a girl you like and then, press the nice green present icon right next to the girl’s photo (see the photo below).

After you click the button, you will see a gift page. For your convenience, all the presents are divided into categories. This is why choosing the right present for your Ukrainian girlfriend will take a minute or two. Isn’t it great? 

The Bridge of Love website guarantees that your girl gets the present and enjoys it to the fullest. Read more about our Gift service here.

Why Gifts from Bridge of Love?

Gifts are an essential part of successful dating. Your lady won’t forgive you if you come to the very first date without a present. Still, gifts are necessary not only when you meet her for the first time. Girls like presents. It’s a fact. Ukrainian ladies treat them as a sign of affection, attention, and care. Furthermore, when you show up on the date with something lovely and sweet, it makes her smile and happy. And who doesn’t like happy ladies? Especially if you are the reason for this. Are you concerned about the question of what to get for my Ukrainian girl? Here is a list of gifts that you may choose for her. Moreover, all of them are reasonably priced.

Romantic Gifts

1. Flowers

It is impossible to imagine a woman who doesn’t like flowers. The main issue is to find out which are her favorite ones. Roses, Lilies, or delicate Blue Irises? You may choose different bouquets for your dates to impress her.

2. Soft Toys

What can be better than a huggable soft toy, such as a teddy bear or something similar? Your lady will look at this gift every day and remember that she is a special person to you.

3. Perfumes

Perfumes are an awesome present to show you affection to your lady. However, there is a chance that you may not guess the odor she likes. In any case, Chanel will be a win-win option.

4. Fashionable Scarves

Scarfs have stopped being a simple accessory long time ago. On the one hand, this gift shows your admiration. On the other hand, you wish wealth to your lady and express deep respect for her. For instance, you may choose this high-quality silk scarf for your lady. She will appreciate your serious intentions and care.

5. Sexy Lingerie

Of course, this gift is bound to make your girl happy and cheer her up. Moreover, she may need an audience to demonstrate it. Why should you deny yourself this pleasure?

Practical Presents

1. Cell Phone Bumper Case

Even if your lady already has a bumper case for her phone, she will be happy to get one more. Especially such a lovely sample with cute hearts. Girls usually have a collection of bags, sunglasses, cases to choose the ones that fit a particular dress or occasion.

2. Tea Mugs

What can be more romantic than staying at home on a cold winter day and drinking tea from a special tea mug? Let her remember your dates with warmth and a smile on her face.

3. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are an invaluable aid in the modern world. Don’t you know which ones to opt for? For instance, she will be happy to receive Apple AirPods 2019, as they ensure comfort. 

4. A Wireless Computer Mouse

Does she have problems with the touchpad while working on her computer? A wireless computer mouse will be a perfect option for her. Being small and convenient, it will ease her work greatly.

5. Beauty Sets

Ukrainian ladies pay a lot of attention to their appearance. Therefore, this wonderful beauty set will be a proper gift for her.

6. Lovely Umbrellas

Do you want your lady to stay safe and stylish when it rains? So, opt for an elegant heart-shaped umbrella. As a result, you will be the reason of her smile on rainy days.

7. Bath Basket

There is nothing better than having a relaxing evening after a working day. Thus, a wonderful bath basket with all the necessary skincare products will be right to the point.

8. Handbags

Have you ever met a girl who would say that she has too many handbags? Even if she does, she won’t refuse to have one more in her collection. Especially if it is a stylish red one.

Edible Gifts

1. Sweets

It is one of the most popular gifts for your Ukrainian girl. Why not treat her to appetizing macaroons or Raffaello candies? Let her feel that life with you will be as sweet as these delicious presents.

2. Sushi Sets

Are you planning a picnic somewhere on the riverbank? Order a delicious sushi set and enjoy your time together.


1. Gift Certificate for Video Shooting

Still wondering about what to get for my Ukrainian girl? What about capturing breathing moments of your dates? Shooting a romantic film is so exciting. It will be an unforgettable experience for both of you.

2. Photo Session Gift Certificate

Does she dream of being a celebrity? A photo session gift certificate will help you make her dream come true. What is more, you may become a part of her celebrity life.

3. Certificate in Fitness

If your lady likes going to the gym to keep fit, she will be more than excited about this gift. Moreover, it comes with a stylish fitness tracker to keep record of her progress.

4. English Course Certificate

It will be a perfect gift for her if she is looking for an opportunity to learn English. So, let her take an intensive course. And in a few months, you will enjoy a wonderful time together, talking about everything.

Let us surprise you

Gift Boxes

Of course, there is a variety of gift boxes you can opt for. Does she like flowers and sweets? Here you are, with a perfect box full of different candies and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Does she want something stronger? There is nothing impossible for you with this wine-and-cheese gift box.

What to Get for My Ukrainian Girl: An Easy Choice to Make

As you can see, there is no need to puzzle over the issue of what to get for my Ukrainian girl. There is a variety of gifts to present to your lady on a first date or a special occasion. Find out more about her preferences and make the right choice.