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Welcome to the Bridge of Love website.

If you are lonely, and want to find a perfect place in the internet for meet beautiful and lonely ladies then you made a right choice. Our website provides a complex of individual services such as mailing, videochat and private chat, presentation videos, gift delivery etc. This short article will help you to understand features of our website better and make a right choice. We are glad that you are with us.

Your first step is to verify your E-mail address. During registration on the website, your E-mail will be sent a letter and link for verification. Click on the link in your letter and you will receive only important messages from our website.

If during registration you have sent wrong E-mail or want to change it due any reason please write us a letter. We will do our best to solve the issue.

Second step is to fill up your profile. On our website only real ladies, that is why we ask you to mention only objective info about you. If you wait for honesty to yourself, be honest in your profile.

If you are still not ready to leave your data, you can do it later, but remember that clients with not filled up profile do not have full access to ladies archive.

The third step. Confirm your identity with a payment card. Due to frequent cases of fraud on the Internet, we are forced to identify our customers. This helps us avoid deception among the ladies, it also reduces the risks of deception among men. Information about your card is stored on the site of a reliable payment system and is not transferred to anyone. To start identification, you just go to the page and click on the banner of choosing the type of subscription. At the moment there is one subscription available on the site. After choosing a subscription, you are asked to choose any reliable payment system and purchase a subscription.


Payment is one-time only and do not requires further purchases without your own want. But according to our rules&policy we have all right to ask you for a repeat identification in a case if your card data will need an update.

If provided ways of purchase are not satisfy you due any reasons please write to us any other way of identification.

In result of successful subscription 50 credits will be added to your account. Credits are inner value for purchasing services on the website. Credits will help you get our services according to our pricelist.

You can read and write letter by using an icon .. or by answering on any letter from the inbox. Invite lady to a chat or private chat if she online, check her presentation video. With list of our services you can meet here. In the provided article we describe how our videochat works in details.

Step four. Now you have a full access to all services of the website according to your credits balance. You also can purchase additional credits from packs for a very good price. More credits in packs, cheaper they are. You can buy unlimited amount of credits packs any time.

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Bridge of love – perfect place for serious relationships , dates, real meetings and for flirting, and nice internet communication. Hundreds of people are joining our website and most of them are found their interest here. We work since 2011 and have huge experience.

If you have noticed an error on the website, or you do not understand functions of the website, our you want to help us to update the website please write us, we sure that we can help you.

Other helpful info.

  • • Take a notice that we work and provide service only according to our rules and license agreement.
  • • Following the rules and also sanctions for their violation is controlled on our website a department called Anti scam-policy.
  • • Active members of our website have an availability to take a part in loyalty program and get some amount of credits for free.
  • • You can get more info about some of our clients and meet with replies of successful dates.
  • • Procedure of delivering contact information to clients from ladies is provided in this article
  • • Our services allows you to get additional list of services in the case if you going to visit a foreign country to meet a lady
  • • Follow our news feed and be in touch with last updates.