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We Love Dates


Every time a person starts dating someone new, he experiences all kinds of emotions: from wild excitement to anxiety. If your new partner makes you happy, most likely you look forward to a new date even before the current one comes to an end. However, some people get so unbelievably nervous at the beginner stage of a new relationship, even the word ‘date’ makes them want to hide in their room. We believe you must learn to enjoy the dating process, because it does end sooner or later, and then you advance into a relationship where things get a bit more boring. If you want to get some useful ideas for the future, you can simply ask We Love Dates.

There are several suggestions which can help you relax and feel comfortable near your new girlfriend or boyfriend. Here we will discuss some of them, and maybe you will be able to implement some of these ideas in your future True Love Dates.

If it is your first date, you should consider going to a place where you can keep a conversation and, at the same time, not get bored of each other. It can be any sports activity, such as ping-pong, bowling or pool. It does not matter if you are an amateur, a beginner or a professional. Keep the atmosphere light, make jokes, and let your partner teach you certain tricks if he is better at this sport than you are. Sport always brings people closer, especially if they can laugh at their clumsiness and mistakes in the beginning. Do not get too competitive and try to defeat your partner, remember that it is just a date, and winning is not your priority at the moment. And while we are talking about sports, hiking and camping can be perfect for the first few dates. Gather your good friends and invite him or her to join you. The experience of overcoming long distances on foot, sharing stories and singing at the fire and then sleeping under a beautiful starry sky is unforgettable.

Have you already learnt your date’s musical preferences? If you happen to like the same music, consider yourself lucky! Now go and buy tickets for a live show of your favorite band and surprise your new boyfriend or girlfriend with the best seats. Nothing makes people more relaxed than listening to their favorite band live, and as you sing along to their hit songs, you will feel that you have finally found your only one in a person standing close to you.

We Love Tour Dates also suggests that you try going for a holiday together. Of course, you are not going to do it during the first month of dating, however short trips for an extended weekend are possible. If you live in the USA, you can simply go to the nearest state, drive around and stay in a nice hotel. If you are from Europe, get on a train and go to Paris or London. When you are in a country or a city that you both barely know, and you do not even speak the language of this area, your only choice is to play tourists, get even closer and spend quality time with each other on this foreign land where no one is distracting you.

The next idea for a date will be great if both of you eat everything and are not vegetarians. The idea is that you devote every day of the week to dining out in restaurants that serve dishes of different cuisines. As you taste new food from each other’s plates, you create new memories and experiences which will stay with you forever.

Whatever your choice is going to be – whether you decide to use any of the ideas mentioned above or choose to go ice-skating or to an art gallery – simply never forget that you have both been attracted to each other in the first place, and now that you are already dating, you must enjoy it and try to experience as much as possible with this new person in your life.