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Ways to Make Adaptation to Life Abroad Easy for a Russian Bride

Ways to Make Adaptation to Life Abroad Easy for a Russian Bride

Every country has its own culture and traditions, way of living and perceiving information. Moving to another country brings new experience and language practice. Russian brides change place of living in case they get married with a foreigner. Adaptation to life takes about one year if a husband creates required conditions. Next recommendations will tell you how to help your future wife get used you your lifestyle and make the process less painful. There are five critical periods of adaptation at a new place.

  • 1. One-month stay. Usually it takes this period to feel a great desire to come back home and live the previous life. It is important not to go to home country, because she can really stay there forever. Your task will be to assist you in a very important venture. You have to use your imagination to make this request real and persuading.
  • 2. Four-month stay.A Russian bride is getting used to local way of living. She can communicate with neighbors and even find a job. When four months have passed, she will regret everything. Do not take it too close, because it is a temporary situation. She can even blame you in everything that comes to her mind. Your task will be to agree with everything what she is saying and spend these days together. If you express sincere interest to her problems, you will see a happy woman in two or three days.
  • 3. Six-month stay.This time you should go to her parents’ place. Do not be afraid to do it, the desire to come back to your place will appear in one or two days. Six months is enough to get used to a new life. If she stays longer, she will experience same feelings as after moving to you. This period is very important if you plan to give birth to a baby. Pregnancy is a dynamics to faster adaptation of a Russian bride.
  • 4. Ten-months stay. This period is the most difficult. In case the woman have not found the job or any hobby, she will get depressed and sad. Therefore, your task will be to occupy your only one prior to this awful critical moment. If she has a job and some hobbies, she will experience ten-month stay moment with light pain. You should spend at least a day near your bride to make sure everything goes right.
  • 5. One-year stay. This is the final point of adaptation. You can relatives in Russian with ease. Nothing will make her come back there. You will face another whim to move to another place. She will be bored and exaggerated with trifles. She will stop tiding, cooking and washing up. Your task will be to hire a person to clean and help. This critical period lasts approximately a week or two.

It is important to understand that if you know what problems you will face and prepare for them in advance. You do not have to tell your bride about your preparation. Enjoy living together and remember that you are the only close person at a new place. Family members help each other in difficult situations and support when someone is upset. You have a great chance to prove your love and intentions by making adaptation easy and comfortable for both of you.

If you decide to dismiss the warnings about critical periods and pretend as if nothing happens, you have no chances to build strong and loving family. A Russian bride will either come back home or find another supportive boyfriend. Anyway, you will lose your only one in case you stay aside. It is you to make fateful decisions, so use your mind at full speed to draw accurate conclusions.