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Trip to bride

How to organize the trip to your possible bride

The natural way for working at your new relationships is meeting in real with pretty Russian woman you have met online. That is really extraordinary, full of emotions and hopes event. You maybe agree that when you write her letters or even call her it is much more different than the real meeting and date where you can touch her hand, look into her eyes and communicate as two real loving people.

But the problem is still the same: you and your pretty Russian lady are so far from each other, you have different cultures, traditions and documents to operate. I have a strong feeling that the best choice for visit would be your coming to her country (to Russia in this very example). It is possible to think over some trip along the country if she thinks that her native town is too boring or she wants to meet you in any other place for some reasons. But all in all it would better to be some big Russian city which is great for tourists (St. Petersburg can be the ideal variant - large, beautiful and very interesting with lots of romantic and historical places). For sure that will be wonderful trip for you also. You will be able to combine the so long waited date with the most beautiful Russian woman and got the large variety of excursions in the heart of Russian history and art.

The trip to Russia is not much different than in any other country out of Europe Union. You will need to make touristic visa. That is all for official documents you would need at the first steps of your trips to Russian beauty. I have to notice that it will be much easier to get a Russian visa for you than to get a foreign visa for her (especially if we are talking about the one from the invitation from a bachelor).

Without doubt better to book the hotel room before the flight. I really doubt that pretty Russian lady will agree to place you in her own house for the first time of your visiting her. Of course that is possible to move there after some days in the hotel room if both of you feel that you are close enough and cannot spend even an hour without each other. But all in all you will need to get a note in your documents from the hotel reception that you really spent all those days in Russia in their hotel and did not do anything illegal at the territory of the country.

Without doubt the last but not least step in your list of important preparations is the ticket. I guess you would choose the plane and will buy the double tickets. There cannot be any other choices in this position. The only good thing to do is to ask your Russian beauty to meet you in the airport for she could lead you to the hotel and help you with any possible official stuff. I have to admit that not in every Russian city taxi-drivers and even girl on the reception in the hotel can speak brilliant English. In this situation the help of your pretty Russian lady would be indispensable. Better not to take useless risk and try to hide the car by yourself without knowing the language and in foreign country full of strangers.

In any case even if you wish to spend all days and nights eye to eye would be useful to visit some public places for knowing a bit more about your couple interests and preferences. Do not forget that you have to eat somewhere rather good if that will be something tasty and healthy. That is why pay attention to what and where you eat. No need to forget about time differences and climate change. That is not a light thing for a human creature. Some people are rather hard with getting used to all of that details and such troubles can bother them a lot.

That is impossible to think about any detail and on the whole at the moment when you would see your beautiful Russian woman you possibly forget about every little problem. That is why just take your good mood and all needed documents and catch your adventures!