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Travel to Odessa: Dating, sights and more

When you are planning to travel to Odessa with a dating purpose, you have to be well prepared. Odessa is an extraordinary city. It is internationally known because of its two names. They first one is Odessa (with double S). This is a Russian name of the city. In Ukrainian, the city is called Odesa (one S). This comfortable and cute place is located in the south of the country, where you can enjoy the Black Sea and nice green parks. As local people say: “Odessa never sleeps” and it is really true. Here, every single tourist will find numerous entertainments to their tastes.

How to travel to Odessa quickly and safely?

Odessa International Airport

There is only one Odessa International Airport in the city and it is one of the biggest airports in Ukraine. You can go directly to Odessa by plane. But there are not so many flights available to Odessa airport. That is why, sometimes, it makes more sense to go to Kiev, and then travel to Odessa by car, train, or taxi.

The public transport in Odessa is great. The distance between the airport and the city centre is 7.5 km; therefore it will take you from 30 min to an hour to get to all possible sights. There are a few buses that departures every 10-20 min and bring all visitors to the central railway station. Taxi is surely a more convenient way to get to a hotel fast, but it will cost a bit more.

Where to stay in Odessa?

Wonderful hotels in Odessa will make a vacation pleasant, because the quality of customer service is not worse, than the European standards. A huge choice of hostels and hotels will help every tourist to pick the best view from a window, location, service and deal, in particular. Actually, lots of foreigners prefer to rent a flat. Let’s see prices for accommodation with all necessary and modern facilities in the very centre or close to the sea in Odessa:

  • ► One bedroom flat - 200-350 USD/month
  • ► Two bedroom flat - 350-500 USD/month
  • ► Studio apartments - around 300 USD/month

Benefits of renting an apartment depend on each person. Some tourists love homelike atmosphere with an ability to buy food and cook it, while other want everything to be done for them. A big amount of supermarkets with absolutely different food helps feeling like in a hometown, not facing any difficulties with finding specific products. The beauty of staying close to the Black Sea is in the fresh air, seagull’s singing and an incredible view from a balcony. Overall, living in a flat saves budget, if it makes sense, while you are having holidays, unless you want to feel like a king and enjoy a well done service in your private suite.

Climate in Odessa

The best time for enjoying the warm weather in Odessa lasts for 5 months (from May till September). The hottest month is July, when Ukrainians and foreigners come here to relax on sandy beaches and swimming is a salty Black Sea. There are many free beaches, where visitors can get drinks, food, listen to the music, swim in pools and even spend a night dancing with other tourists and local holiday-makers. 

Celebrating Christmas and New Year here will be an unforgettable experience with lots of entertainments, lights and lovely picture of the sea. Several days of a rainy weather usually are expected in March and October.

What to see in Odessa?

Sightseeing in Odessa

It seems like now you have an idea how the beginning of your deserved trip will look like. Next step are famous places that every true tourist wants to see. 

Deribasovskaya is the name you need to remember. This is the name of the main and well-known street in the city. Wonderful historical architecture, many cosy cafes and restaurants without loud traffic, all this you should expect when you walk along. Here, you can see a monument of Jose de Ribas, who was a founder of this fabulous place by the water. 

The second must see sight is Potemkin Stairs, which is unique, as it is the highest stairs in Ukraine. Some people call it stairs to heaven, where on the last 192nd step you will see a monument of a Duke Richelieu (the first monument that was set in Odessa). 

The next sight to visit in a tourist list is the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, where you can not only see it from outside, but to rejoice in a performance. Baroque architecture of the theatre of the world’s culture amazes with its majesty and drowns looks. 

Potemkin stairs

Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Travel to Odessa to learn about history

Odessa is well-known in the whole world for its historical places and UNESCO monuments, such as:

  • ► Item Struve geodetic arc "Old-Nekrasovka" 1816
  • ► Astronomical Observatory of Odessa National University 1871
  • ► Historical centre and the port of Odessa 1795

All of above mentioned places create an opinion of the southern part of Ukraine and helps the city has its own fame among people, who are interested to know the roots and the depth of the history.

Clubs, cafes, and museums in Odessa

When you come to Odessa, finding the place for spending a nice evening with friends or a family is quite a fun, as the city is surrounded with a big amount of shops, malls, restaurants, clubs, pubs, bars, cinemas, museums and galleries. Probably, the list with all well-known places does not have an end, so it would be easier to look up just at 5 top points, every tourist should see:

► Museum of Pushkin In the late 1823, the building looked like a hotel. When Pushkin was in the city in the same year, he stayed there for a month. No wonder why the museum has got his name, as the famous poet has created the greatest works while he visited Odessa

► Bowling club "Tropical" It is such a nice spot to take part in Annual International Championship even for a random person. This place is considered as the best for playing bowling in Ukraine, so while you spending days in the city, do not lose a chance to hit a strike!

► If you travel to Odessa, you 100% need to go to Ibiza night club. If you want to remember your holidays for a long time, you must visit this amazing club right on the beach. The most popular music, dance shows, famous singers and bands, delicious meals, drinks and a special interior will make you feel high here

► The restaurant “Compote” In fact, 99% of all visitors say that this restaurant made a very big impression. Why so? An excellent hospitality, beautiful design and tasty homemade food make this café a remarkable experience. You will definitely spot it, while walking on the central Deribasovskaya street, the name you have already seen above in this article

► The “7th kilometer” market. It is a great place for visitors, who want to see how big a market can be. It is an inmost spot for fish lovers.

► Sophie Café that is located on the ground floor of Frederic Koklen Hotel is a great place too. As a matter of fact, tourists love Sophie for its touching sound of the piano, candlelight and incomparable cuisine. Actually, this sweet café can become a perfect place to make a proposal, as here the staff has a decent experiences in making weddings.

Traditions and holidays

Local people in Odessa are very positive and funny men and women. They love to celebrate each day and they are never tired of their city life. One of the biggest festivals in Odessa is Days of Europe that is conducted in May. People make an exhibition of children's drawings, photo exhibitions, concerts and culinary events on a Seaside Boulevard. 

The day of Independence, which is celebrated in the end of August, is another great reason to travel to Odessa. This celebration takes place on the field with a grand military parade and fireworks in Victory Park. A few important events are held in the square in front of the Vorontsov Palace and one of them is the game of "Living Chess". Lots of chess grandmasters of the international level like taking part in the game, which accompanies any festival for the last 200 years. Being a part of any event during the year, tourists get to know Odessa better and fall in love with its intelligent leisure time.

Want to travel to Odessa now?

As you can see, it is a great idea to travel to Odessa. Especially, when you have that special someone waiting there for you. So, start dating in Odessa online to get one more reason to go this southern city in Ukraine.