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The role of mothers in Russian and Ukrainian dating

The role of mothers in Russian and Ukrainian dating

It is a widespread belief that a majority of men face with some kind of problems with mothers of their dearly loved. And in most of the cases the conflicts that arise between them and girlfriends’ mothers may lead to the severance of such relations. And today we are going to throw light on the reasons of such behavior.

Why does it happen?

There are definitely a couple of reasons that lie behind such mothers’ behavior.

  • First of all, they are not really in favour of letting their daughters to go to a foreign country with unknown culture, traditions, language and social principles. They also believe that ignorance of law of the particular country may lead to the irreversible consequences and their children may leave without anything.
  • Furthermore, they cannot entrust their little girls in the hands of unfamiliar men who promise to do all possible to make the life of their daughters happy and enjoyable. They say trust but verify. There are so many stories when women go abroad and get trapped into slavery and nobody wants their daughters to be one of those.
  • Thirdly, many of them are influenced by western movies that show different life situations that may happen to a woman abroad. Sometimes even negative news about the targeting country may have an impact on their decision. They keep on talking about the situations they have seen on news considering that it has a practice of repetition.
  • And lastly, they simply do not want their daughter to leave so habitual place and go to the country when no one except you can protect their daughters. Mothers think of future and they do not know how they can help their children if they are in a need of something. Even though the borders between countries were demolished and high technologies allow staying in touch with people we love 24 hours a day, they still believe that personal touchy communication is much way better.
Difference of cultures

It is worth mentioning that different cultures interpret the issue of marriage differently. In some countries the decision depends totally on parents’ will, in other it should be approved by either mother or father. And in Slavic countries it is usually a mother who takes the final decision.

At the same time, women have to deal with their mother’s in law and sometimes it is not a pleasant experience as well. And it depends only on you whether you are able to win the heart of each other’s parents. But still every parent wishes the best for his child. They want their children to be happy, well taken care of and have carefree life. And they would do all possible to contribute to their children happiness.

How to deal with girlfriend’s mother

Make sure you show the utmost respect to a mother and her daughter. You can definitely bring lots of presents when you visit them but do not think it will be in a great help. Usually mothers do not believe those people who throw dust in their eyes. From the very beginning they may feel what type of person you are.

Even though your financial situation might play the crucial role in their decision making, they still can challenge you. Life is not a play, so do not try to pretend being someone else you actually have no connection with. Be honest and open-minded and they will approve their daughters’ decision.

Prove them that your intentions are serious and you are ready to make their daughter the happiest in the world. If you make them trust you they will treat you as a part of their family and you will see how their attitude will change for better.

In the end, they still follow their daughters’ decisions and treat you as a member of their family. So, if you are looking for a woman that is ready for serious relations and a mother who will not become an obstacle for your happiness, then you should definitely visit our site and try your luck.