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The Most Detailed Guide to Explore Kharkov

Kharkov is the ex-capital of Ukraine and its second largest city. It’s located in the north-east part of this country, in its Slobozhanshchyna historical region. This famous city was found in the first half of 17th century. There are different theories why it is called this way.

Kharkov has amazing cultural and historical heritage and is one of the biggest shopping and industrial centers. That’s why it attracts many tourists from other countries. When planning to visit it, make a list of essentials that will help you get the best traveling experience possible.

First, be aware of weather conditions in this city the climate in this area is humid continental with warm summers and snowy winters. Average temperatures are not too cold and hot. Visit Kharkov in the summer if you prefer greenery.

You can get there by air. Its international airport is situated 12 km away from the center and serves more than 20 flights per day, both local and international. It’s easy to get there either by booking a taxi or using public transport, such as trains, buses, and even local metro. Focus on such buses as 152, 255, 155, and others. The price of local transport will surprise. Consider cars for rent if you prefer more comfort and want to stay in Kharkov for a few days.

Interested in accommodation prices? Tourists can stay in hotels, hostels or rent an apartment. Their prices differ based on many aspects, such as their location, infrastructure, available amenities, comfort, and so on. You can find a suitable accommodation from $4 up to $100 and higher per night. There are both cozy and affordable apartments and luxurious 5-star hotels ready to serve you. However, many visitors prefer to rent apartments because they are more affordable and offer more comfort. It’s convenient to rent them on a daily basis and get access to a variety of extra services, such as a pick-up from the city airport or using the Internet.

Your trip to Kharkov is a great possibility to explore its traditions and customs. Arrange it in the New Year Eve and you will see how this city transforms magically. Its streets become bright and festive because they are decorated with special illumination and authentic items. Most ornaments are made by real craftsmen. The main Christmas free can be found on Freedom Square. You will be amazed by its size. Don’t forget about different rides for kids, many kiosks where you can try traditional sweets and treats.

Start your exploration of Kharkov from Sumskaya Street and you will see many charming houses built a few centuries ago. This street is attached to Constitution Square. It’s the location of famous Historical Museum with its valuable artifacts. Shevchenko Theater is found opposite to it. It is surrounded by Poetry Park, which is the most romantic place in this city. Exploring Dzerzhinsky Square is a must because it’s one of the largest squares in the world. It is popular as the main venue for live music concerts and festivals.

Shevchenko Park is also famous for its quite exquisite design, and its territory includes the Kharkov Dolphinarium where all kids adore spending their time watching dolphins playing. They even can swim together or choose other affordable services. The Mirror Stream is the most popular meeting place in Kharkov. It becomes a crowded picnic spot for locals and tourists. It’s lit up with bright lights in the night.

The Botanic Garden is another interesting sight located not far from Sumskaya Street. It’s a beautiful place where wilderness can be found in its pure form. The choice of flowers, trees, and plants is wonderful. They all are adapted to the local weather. This garden starts with a ropeway. You should use the funicular to get to Gorky Park. It’s the best place for kids, but adults can visit a few modern entertainment centers.

This city offers a unique amount of interesting monuments, historical, and religious sites. Many of them are dedicated to famous literary characters. For example, pay attention to original frog and soccer ball monuments. Researching them is one of the most popular entertainments for visitors.

The Governor’s Palace is one of the greatest architectural monuments in Kharkov. It was built in the 18th century. Its design is notable because it combines different styles. The House with Chimeras is famous for its Art Nouveau style. Its facade is decorated with exquisite sculptural elements, such as chimeras, wolves, and salamanders.

Kharkov also attracts many tourists with its outstanding religious attractions. The Cathedral of the Annunciations is one of them. Its first church was founded in 1655. However, this building was rebuilt completely. There are many priceless religious relics that are stored in this cathedral. The Basil’s Cathedral hasn’t changed from the end of 19th century. This city has many excellent theaters and valuable museums, such as the Art Museum and the Maritime Museum. Including them in your program is a must. Younger visitors should attend the Puppet Theater. Their parents will enjoy the Theater of Opera and Ballet.

For outdoor fans, visit the Kharkov Zoo, the home to many exotic animals, such as leopards and lions, bears and falcons. You are allowed to feed them and take pictures. Shopping fans won’t be disappointed too. Many shops and trading complexes, like Cascade and Prism, open their doors for them and offer many brands and goods, both affordable and luxurious.

The nightlife in Kharkov offers the Misto club. You will appreciate its attractive design, entertainment programs, and branded treats. The Arizona beach club welcomes tourists in warm months. Its enjoyable leisure facilities are around the cozy pool. Beer and sports pubs offer a unique atmosphere for all visitors who like to socialize. In summary, nights in this city are very lively. Most clubs are located a bit remote from the center, except for Dom, Fashion, and some others. Their entrance charges are low, around $15 and higher.