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Single man dating single mom – key to happiness

Unfortunately, love doesn’t always last forever. Nobody is guaranteed against a tragic turn of events, and each day hundreds of families fall apart and hundreds of women stay alone with a kid on their hands. Bringing up a child without a man is a challenge not every woman can take. If you are looking for a loving, caring and faithful wife, dating a single mom is your golden chance.

Why are single moms better than other women? First of all, they know the true value of love. While most previously unmarried women that don’t have any kids usually show a rather flippant attitude and prefer to keep their wings spread in case they find a more suitable option, a single mother will hold on to you by any means. She is looking for a steady, reliable and sensitive man – a model husband and a loving father for her children. Finding a temporary sponsor, having a meaningless affair or marrying a foreigner to move abroad isn’t what she wants. Her ultimate goal is a cozy home and a happy family. Give it to her – and she’ll love you like no other woman.

For second, single moms are more experienced and therefore wiser. If a woman raises a kid on her own, she most likely had an unsuccessful relationship and learned from her mistakes. That means she won’t make them again with you. Single mothers usually show more tolerance, understanding and support than other women because they are afraid to lose you. They know better than making a scene because you forgot to wash the dishes or didn’t take them out for weeks. Your sloppiness, taciturnity and love for football will be forgiven if you prove to be a good family man.

As practice shows, single mothers aren’t too demanding. You probably dated women who expected you to guess their every wish and harassed you for attention. That’s not about single moms. Of course, they like to hear words of love and receive flowers, like all females on earth, but they don’t make a religion of it. What they appreciate is true feelings and real support. Being beside her, caring for her children, building a better future together – that’s what a single mom wants to get from you more than any gifts.  She will be grateful for everything you’re doing for her and her kid and will never criticize your efforts. With a single mom, you’ll feel a real man.

Another important advantage of single man dating single mom is that your home will always be cozy and clean and your dinner will be waiting on the table when you come home after work. Since these women have to take care of everything on their own, they usually make great house wives. Most of them will gladly stay at home with their kids and devote their time to domestic chores instead of having to combine childcare and career.

Finally, a woman that already has a kid will make a great mother for your common children. She has already been through it all and knows exactly how to behave during those nine tough months. Most pregnancy-related problems are familiar to her and she copes with them easily. For the same reason, second-time mothers are capable of taking better care of the baby, which is important if you want to raise a healthy and happy child. Moreover, if you have kids of your own, a single mom will likely take this news positively and try to get along with them. On the other hand, relationship with a single mother is a good choice for those who aren’t planning to become a father yet. While most young women are looking for a man ready to have kids, single moms already have one and therefore can do without another pregnancy.

Single man dating single mom can become the happiest man in the world if he proves his serious intentions and family values. If you want to find a loving, wise and devoted woman, either a life partner, a wife or a mother of your future children, take a close look at the single mom section of our website.