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Single man dating a married woman – nonsense or lucky strike?

Both qualified psychologists and romantic movies keep telling us there are only a limited number of people we can fall in love with. What if your perfect option has already been taken? Should you step back or fight for your love? Or maybe reach a compromise and keep seeing your sweetheart in secret? Dating a married woman may sound freaky at first, especially for advocates of marital fidelity and pure reputation, but on second thought, this type of relationship has certain advantages.

This is an ideal arrangement for men who don’t want to get involved in a serious relationship just yet. If all you wish is to have fun and enjoy free love without obligations and expectations, an affair with a gorgeous and easy-going married lady will suit you best. Since she already has a husband, she won’t demand any guarantees or start the serious intentions talk. In fact, all your meetings will be pre-arranged and strictly timed to avoid exposure, so you’ll have plenty of free time to pursue your own interests and goals, including other women. You are free to end this affair any moment or take a break for as long as you need. No personal space invasions, no harassing for attention, no meaningless scenes – just a perfectly honest and clear connection between two people that have feelings for each other. Isn’t that what most guys dream of?

If you ask a single man dating a married woman what he gets out of it, he’ll probably mention the element of extreme as one of the reasons. Meeting secretly, inventing false excuses and keeping everything under wraps is kind of exciting. There is always a risk that her husband will find you out or even catch you in the act. For some, it becomes a compelling game that spices up their lives and makes the reward much sweeter. If you love danger and risk, dating a married lady is right what you need. This kind of relationship will never get boring or obtrusive. Always fresh impressions, intense emotions and a thrilling love experience.

Finally, the key reason why married women cheat on their husbands is lack of sex. Which means you’ll have lots, lots of it. Actually, that’s exactly why many younger guys fall for older women with a marital status. If sex is the focus of your relationship, it takes a huge load off your shoulders. With a married lady, you won’t have to prove your right to stay overnight with long wooing and heroic deeds. You both clearly understand what you need from this connection and don’t make a big deal out of it. Married women don’t care about false gestures and romantic trials. They approach you directly and stay honest about their intentions. In most cases, you won’t even have to spend a lot of money on them, since they already have a source of financing. Besides, cheating on her husband automatically deprives a married lady from feeling jealous and prohibiting you from dating other women. That means your hands remain untied and you are always open to new acquaintances.

Finding out that the girl we like is married usually comes as a heavy blow. Try to look on the bright side, though. Free, honest and mutually convenient relationship with a married woman will give you the very things you are looking for – a lot of sex, a lot of fun and no strings attached. A single man dating a married woman doesn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to win her sympathy or take false responsibilities to get into her bed. Having an affair with a married lady isn’t only exciting and rewarding, but also very efficient in terms of time, money and personal freedom. Next time you think about finding a new girlfriend consider taking your chance with a married woman.