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Sex Before Marriage

In the modern world that we live in, you rarely have to discuss such thing as sex before marriage. It is considered a normal thing to have sex before you get married. Many couples live together for years before they decide to wed, so it would be impossible to wait that long. Moreover, as more and more books and movies tell people about sex, many guys and girls want to test their sexual compatibility with their new partner, before they decide to continue their relationship and get married.

On the other hand, there are certain families that raise their daughters and sons in an old-fashioned way, which means the younger generation is taught to believe that having sex before marriage means losing dignity and honor, and maybe even a partner. Where is this coming from? Surely, it comes from our past, when our grandparents had sex only on their first wedding night. Everything else was considered an indecent or vulgar behavior.

There is also another belief which is more common among girls’ parents. If a girl allows a guy to have sex with her before he proposes or actually marries her, he will lose interest. Some people actually see the logic in this way of thinking, especially when a girl cannot get married for a long time. It becomes some sort of ultimatum: either you marry me and then have as much sex as you want or you are not getting anything from me at all. Fortunately for these girls and their parents, there are still some guys left who are fine with this sort of agreement. Can these couples be really happy in bed and in life in general when they get married is another question and a matter of luck.

Sex before marriage is practiced by pretty much every person who lives in Europe or the States. It may not always be true for Asian or Arabic countries, but that is based on their religion and strong cultural education. If you are European or American, you usually have sex within the first month of dating, and that’s how you decide if that’s a girl or a guy you want to be with for the rest of your life. Everyone who has ever had bad sexual experience and a not very skillful partner knows the importance of sex before you propose or say I do’.

Since sexual compatibility is one of the key factors for successful marriage, you are actually doing the society a favor by having sex before making a commitment. No one wants to get married and then get a divorce on the third day of marriage because of your partner’s total inability to satisfy you.