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Russian women

The pros and cons of Russian women

It is well known all over the world those beautiful Russian women are great wives and good partners in the family relations. But as people say there is nothing ideal in this world. Unfortunately but it is truth. I would like to tell about some good and bad points of those pretty Russian women. And better to start with nice sides I guess.

First of all most Russian women are not only pretty but also rather witty and clever. They read much more than a lot of foreign women and it is not a myth. No wonder that they can easily discuss different topics and give you a nice advice when you get into trouble. Agree that it is much pleasure to have a brilliant and clever woman near you than just brilliant.

More than that they are rather good among the house. No need to try making all of pretty Russian women just good cooks and cleaners - that is far from the truth. Not all of them are fond of house running and do not wait that she is waiting to meet your vacuum cleaner and dishes. But still most of the time beautiful Russian woman can do some miracle and won't let your die from hunger.

Those very beautiful creatures have much more interesting and positive ability. They have time for everything. Ordinary pretty Russian woman can feed kids, watch TV, clean the floor, boil the soup, write the working essay and chat with her friend by the phone. That seems to be really crazy but they can be everywhere and do everything at the time when the husband just reaches the office. Well making a remark: they maybe cannot get dressed in time as the entire woman but it will go to their disadvantages already.

That is the brightest and the most popular positive sides of Russian beauties. I am not talking about their style, fashionable and classy way of dressing, natural beauty and charming smiles - all of this you will see with your own eyes.

Now let's change to not-so-good sides. With sad sight that is also possible. The most annoying thing is that Russian beauties a bit much proud. Moreover this treat bothers them even but they still do not throw it away with their own man. They try to change his mind and make him understand that she can be offended when he did not notice her new dress which was such a trouble to choose. All of that stuff can easily punch her women's rudeness and you can get angry and frustrated wife.

At the beginning of relations Russian pretty woman can be a bit too much accurate and suspicions. She can chat with you days and nights but when the matter will go to meeting in real she will begin to worry and get a bit nervous about the thing if you are normal serious man or some maniac from USA. That is only your choice how to behave in that case. You can read the article with advices at our site or decide what is better to melt her heart yourself. In any situation would be better to visit her in her own city (if she is afraid to go somewhere and feel more confident on her own territory) but live in the hotel of course, or meet in some natural place in some touristic country where both of you can spend great time even if decide that you are not made for each other.

Try to be careful and soft with beautiful Russian woman and she will give you all her wit and beauty and will forget forever all of silly proud and suspicious. Not a surprise that she will touch your nerves with some kind of whims from time to time but do not forget that she is a woman and this action is something part of her character and nature. You can agree that when everything is cloudless and so cool it gets boring and maybe because of that women were made with little crazy fantasies to make men's life funnier and various sometimes but when you cares her well and tell her nice words with soft kisses she will be the most happy woman in the world and for sure will make you the happiest man.