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Promotional codes


Promotional codes are a new and efficient way to avoid considerable expenses on the Bridge-of-love.

Present your ladies with gifts, keep in touch, share interests, add more favorites, be an active member and take advantage of promocodes.

Promotional codes are virtual units on the site through which you can buy credits, gifts, or other otherwise paid services. Promotional codes give you a great opportunity to chat online much cheaper.

If buying a gift for a girl, you see a promotional code icon or receive a notice of the possibility to get a promotional code by e-mail, hurry up and use it!!

All the promocodes are granted to you for performing certain actions and cannot be refunded. There will be promocode drawings on our website and we will reward our best clients with the promotional codes.

Each promocode is valid within a limited period of time. You will be informed of the period of time a promocode can be used.After the expiration of a promotional code, you cannot use it.


This video will help you to use promocode.

There are a several ways to get a promocode for free.

In some days Administration of the site grants a promocodes for clients who communicate with a tech support in online mode. We are gifting a promocodes for clients who help us to notice site issues which we didn't knew about.

Promocode can be achieved on holidays or weekends from administration as well. Very often our partners have great promotional codes in the case of published reviews of our website on other sites.

Clients who uses all spectre of our services of dating organization in Ukraine. We always delevoping new ideas about how to get a promocode for our good clients. Visit this page some times and you will get to know more.

For example

When you are purchasing credits pack, for example 50 credits for  $21.87 ($ 0.44  per credit)  and using promocode for 15 credits it means that you are paying only for 50-15=35 credits. It means that you will pay only  $15.4 instead of  $21.87 and will get yours 50 credits