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Our Girls Online [in Times of Quarantine]

This is the first article in our new series devoted to girls online from Bridge of Love website. Every other week our editor will contact a dozen of beautiful ladies online to learn more about their everyday life. In this article, we present the most gorgeous members of our Bridge of Love website who allowed us to shed light on their quarantine routine. 

So, in this post, you will get to know what Ukrainian girls online are doing:

 1) when their friends want their honest opinion about what medicine to take;

2) if all the beauty salons in the city are closed

3) to stay fit (spoiler alert: they use a chair!);

4) with their bicycles.

Keep on reading for more naughty details!

Girls Online Who Find the Quarantine Good

As it turns out, most of the girls online on the Bridge of Love website think that this quarantine is not that bad. Here are some of their stories.

High-five for natural beauty!

Anna, 19 y.o.

The funniest thing about this quarantine is how standards of beauty change overnight. You know, I am a bit old-fashioned when it comes to beauty routine. I do not believe in long false eyelashes or long acrylic nails. And it is not that I do not find these nails attractive. I just do not think that my body needs any of it. 

Funnily enough, most of my best girlfriends are absolutely obsessed with all these manicure procedures and hair extensions. As you probably guess, you need a professional to look after your nails, hair, lashes every other week. Now all the beauty salons are closed in my city. Can you imagine what most of my friends look like now? Brrrr…

A good bicycle is definitely better and CHEAPER than a taxi

Kristina, 22 y.o.

All my friends know that a bicycle is my passion. Surprisingly enough, I am the only person who actually has a bike in my group of friends. The reason for that is simple - we do not have a well developed infrastructure for cyclists. I am not sure we even have cycle lanes in my hometown.

But thanks to the quarantine I see more and more ladies in their 30s who are riding a bike these days. Now, when taxi is expensive and the public transport is almost paralized in Ukraine, more girls choose bicycles. Yes, partly this is sad because I do not feel unique any more. But I am really happy that women in my city take up cycling as a hobby.

Yes, a chair can replace most of gym’s equipment.

Ksenia, 40

I am honestly going crazy these days. I love outdoor activities, and now I am locked inside. For a few days, it was fun, of course, because I could sleep in and stay up late. But then I realized that without doing any sports at all, I could easily gain some unnecessary kilos. 

So, now, I am devoting at list 1 hour a day to active physical exercises. Who knew that a chair can replace most of gym’s equipment? Now I know for sure that gyms are overrated and overpriced. Of course, I miss my friends and feel a bit blue from time to time, but in general, I am trying to stay positive. Sport is the answer!

Who wants a bite of my cake?

Elena, 35

Oh, I absolutely love this quarantine. As I have written in my profile, I am fond of cooking. So, when now I got a chance to work from home, I was like - Cool, more time for desserts! I hope that my colleagues will forgive me for preferring tiramisu to them.

The only problem is that after I cook a dessert, I do not have anyone to share it with. At times like this, I start dreaming about the day when I have a loving man next to me who will take a bite of every cake I make.

More time for writing, higher chances for publishing

Darya, 19

This quarantine caught me off guard, to be honest. I could not believe that it was possible to shut down a whole country just because of a virus. However, as every creative person, I see beauty in this quarantine too - so many writers will have more time to finish their books.

As you can read in my hobbies section in my profile, I am writing a book at the moment. And yes, during these last couple of weeks I have written more than I did last year. So, who knows maybe when the quarantine is over, my book will be finished… 

Stretching online can be profitable. Wow!!!

Nadia, 27

I have always thought that dancing and stretching are just hobbies for me. But I completely changed my mind about a week ago. As it turned out, some of my besties missed their regular workouts very much. They all know how passionate I am about dancing and stretching. So, they asked me to organize online lessons for them.

So, now I am an online stretching instructor for a group of seven energetic ladies! Yes, it takes quite some time to get ready for a lesson. And yes, I am all sweaty after two hours of online lessons. But my body is really grateful that I am back to my usual active lifestyle. I think I will look gorgeous after all these hours of training. What is more, I make money at the same time. So, I will not be surprised if these online stretching lessons turn into a second job for me!

0% Changes

Tatyana, 41

It may sound weird but I do not see any changes in my life because of the quarantine. As you know, I really enjoy the comfort of my home and do not feel the urge to go out much. In other words, it is good to be an introvert these days.

Even before this quarantine started, I ordered most of my food and goods online. As it turned out, it was the right choice because now I can enjoy different discounts on delivery. What else? I started to exercise more and even found time to start learning English again. Maybe I will get lucky and find a really good teacher who will explain to me all these crazy Grammar rules. We will see soon!

Girls Online Who Find the Quarantine Really Bad

Of course, there are some girls online who would do anything to end this quarantine once and for all. Below, you can find their confessions.

I am pretending that I am NOT a pharmacist anymore

Marta, 19

What has changed in my life since the first day of the quarantine? Not much. Just one thing. Now I am pretending that I know nothing about medicine. (As you can read in my profile hobbies, I have always been interested in medicine. Who could have thought that my interests will make me want to hide somewhere deep?)

Now all my friends are trying to contact me to ask advice. During the last week I received like a hundred of messages from all my friends and the friends of their friends will the same question: How do I stay safe? What drugs do I take to stay healthy? OMG, I even had to hide/delete my social media profiles because I did not want to become a free consultant for a bunch of people these days!

To cut the story short, do not tell anyone that you know a thing or two about medicine these days!

How much is the best noise isolation technology?

Elena, 43

As any sensible person these days, I am trying to make the best of this quarantine. I have finally found time to sort and get rid of the half of my wardrobe, replanted all the plants, and even signed up for a couple of online yoga seminars.

The only thing that drives me crazy are my neighbours. They have two small kids who are about 4 or 5 years old. Because of the quarantine, kids can not go to a kindergarten. All these kids do is scream. Of course, I remember what it is like to have such a small child. But I am starting to think that I need to do something about this noise. At the moment I see only two options - either invest money in some really powerful noise isolation technology or … move. And I have to confess that I still have not decided which option is better. Any ideas? LOL

Our Girls Online Agree: This Quarantine is Two-Faced

As you have already understood, for most of our girls online, the quarantine time is not that bad. Maybe, there is a logical explanation for that - the girls on Bridge of Love are always optimistic and full of enthusiasm. And how is your quarantine going?