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Obsessed with Russian Girls

What is it about Russian girls that so many men from all over the world want to date and marry them? What is this global obsession about? Clearly, if you are asking this question, you have never dated a Russian girl in your life, otherwise you would have already married one. Well, let us explain this phenomenon for you then.

To make the long story short, men are obsessed with Russian girls, because they are beautiful, hot, sexy, attractive, seductive, charming, sociable, polite, educated, caring, loyal, hospitable, and last but not the least, family-oriented. You still cannot believe that a girl can have all these qualities? Try dating a Russian girl and see for yourself. Every man around the world wants to have a hot lover, a caring wife and a great mother to his children. You can find it all in Russian girls.

While women from the States and Europe are becoming more and more career-minded, Russian girls devote their life to their husbands and families. Yes, they can be hardworking and successful career women too, but once they get married and feel the support from their husbands, they leave their career behind and focus on their home. No other women in the world will be able to look after themselves, take care of the kids, cook exquisite dishes, and keep the house clean and in order. Some part of this list will always be sacrificed, unless your wife is a Russian woman. How she manages to do it all will always remain a mystery to you, but she is that good.

There is another good reason why men are obsessed with Russian girls, and that is hot how they look and how hot they really are in bed. A Russian woman will never say that she has a headache, if you want to have sex with her. In fact, Russian women are famous for being insatiable in bed, in a good sense of this word. There is a good chance she will want to do it more often than you do, if that is even possible. Quite a nice quality to have in wife, don’t you think?

Russian girls make incredible mothers.

They devote themselves to their sons and daughters and give them all their love and care. However, they do manage to find a nice balance in their family life, and you as a husband will never feel the lack of attention after you have kids. She will play with kids when you are hard at work, but when you come home, she will turn all her attention to taking care of you. That should explain to you why European and American men are obsessed with Russian women.