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Mikhail Heloo Ukrainian Girls

Hello great ladies of the Ukraine.

My name is Mikhail.I have been a member on thissite for several months, and barely able to form an idea about the system,the ladies, and the possibilitiesfor marriage.Many ladies seem to be interested, and I regret not being able to respond. A sign for life is “Movement”. It is why I keep changing the contents of my profile. If any of you recognized this by being as interested as to repeatedly check my profile, you would have known already much about me, and you would have had no doubt that I am real.I think that real ladies ought to be able to add some new information to their profile,from time to time,unless the service prohibits it.

Presently, I am 67, and just like every human, every day that passes, adds a day to my age.Even though it ought to have been,maturity does not correspond to age. Maturity comes to any person who seriously takes information and life’s experiences, thenturn them to building blocks, one day at a time. A person at 18, may see how damaging alcohol is to others, and takesa note, then places a building block to not taste alcohol. This causes maturity. Yet another would still drink, and even enjoy it, not understanding that alcohol bites ata time without warning, destroying life and relationships. So, I suggest that you use the good you find, knowing that it will build you more of the same; better then adopting bad habits, that will also cause you to be worse as you age. Time is needed to gain more maturity, yet decisions must be directed towards what is good, for time to be used to increase in maturity.When in profile or letter, a lady says that she is mature, yet explains that she can’t stay in one place for long; she is declaring to be still immature. A mature person takes time, is calm, and arrives to decisions after examining information, and weighting options.

In my past, I marriedand God blessed me with 1 girl, who, in turn married and brought me 2 grandchildren.Even though both my wife and I,firmly believed that marriage is for a lifetime, she was plagued with a mental disorder. After 10 years from discovering it, itcaused her to divorce me under a No-Fault divorce law. I found myself having to raise our daughter in her teen-age years by myself, and God gave me the grace to do so. I was intimate for 19 years, only with one woman, my Ex-wife. None before her, and none after her. I believe that this is the commitment that a man should give his woman, and that a woman should give her man. Therefore, Sex is not for recreation, or to test people to find the one, but rather a gift given to the one after the commitment of marriage.

To have a family is a blessing from God who created everyone and everything in the world. To create a new family is a beautiful privilege that comes with great responsibilities.I take this action very seriously, and declare that I am happy in my life the way it is, not needing a woman, for my security is in my creator, who is also my Savior, and the one that has all powerin this world and beyond. I seek a woman that I would be capable to mingle with in honesty, with mutual open hearts, to live a peaceful life designing our own happiness, serving others, and being a light shining in our community to help other marriages.Marriage is not about sex, and a woman that is after sex at any cost, is, in my opinion, deceived. Many of you that wrote me and/or invited me for chat, seem to think that yourlooks, or nudity is the way to catch my attention.Some wrote provocative words painting a picture of intimacy such as waiting for spending our first night together or the moaning while I am penetratingher. While these words may catch men in general, I guarantee you that you would only catch someone that wants to play sex with you,but would not have enough manhood to marry you, and create a family where you would be respected and honored. As for me, I read words and examineprofilesas time permits, but such words would cause me to not even tag you as a possibility in my search.You cannot be everything to everyone, because this would make you not good for anyone. Be yourself, and you will attract those that are alike. For me, when I read street language such as the use of the “F” word, I do not consider the lady. Also,Tattoos, and piercings repel me.

Most letters I receive, talk in generality,and do not express real reaction to the contents of my profile,letters,or chat text. This makes me think that the lady is not really interested in a relationship, for relationships require a give and a take, on everything that happens. My profile is rich with information, yet no lady ever expanded with her opinion about anything I said. The most I received is that a lady is intrigued with my profile, or she likes it, or thinks that we match, but no one ever said what they really like, or if a point was not understood, or giving a different opinion about a statement I said.So, I recommend that at least in your first letter to comment on the points you find in the profile. If the man has no information, then ask if he can identify some information on his profile, such as work, food, sports, TV shows, entertainment or other matters that may seem important for you.

The lady I value is one that can stand on her own, yet choses to stand with me. She has her opinion, methods, and understanding; but ready to listen, examine, and cooperate with me to merge,that we can create a new unit that has a mix of both of us, and is to becomebetter than either of us separately.



You do not need to know anything about sex, men, emotions, cooking, or anything else, but that you are willing to expose the much or little that you have, as your contribution into our relation. I do not need a girl that worships me, or someone that controls me, but rather a simple lady that is willing to enter an interdependent life with me.I do not mind if Ifail to find a wife, but if I find her, she will be cherished as myqueen.So,if you are this lady, show your character in your profile and letters, and if you are not, still beingwho you are, and you will be able to win the right man at the right time.

Age is not important because I am not looking at performance or abilities, or beauty. Age difference, however, may be an item that needs to be considered. In the US, an age difference of 8-10 years is regarded as unacceptable. So,imagine how unacceptable it would be if youare 20, 30, or 40 years younger! Since I have read letters from ladies in their 50’s as immature as those in their 20’s, and have read loving mature letters from the young, I mustevaluate each on their own merits, but I think that the younger you are, the less compatible your life, goals, interests, and values, would be with mine.Also, the young have more energy level, as compared with that of an old person like myself.My worldview is Biblical, and any lady that cannot stand having God asthe managerand guide of ourrelationship, will not be happy with me. I have wise counsel to whoever wants it, but I have little fund, that I cannot buy credit enough to have a natural discussion for a purpose with even one lady.I value reading truth from the heart, instead of promises. First letters should give information relevant to your character and expectations. It should not repeat information in your profile. It would be good to ask few questions to help the man have a reason to respond. I value longer letters than short ones if they containheart thoughts,instead of general talk or repetition.Life is about time spent together. So, if you have little to say, it shows that communication will be difficult. I suggest that you look at your letter, and correct it before sending. Make sure your thoughts will be understood.Also, review your letter after you send it, to know that the way the man reads it, is exactly how you wanted it. Else, you need to correct or send a follow-up.Knowing English is essential. Don’t expect to marry, then learn language, then find out if you made the right decision. I tried to learn Russian. I know many words, but find it very hard to use. So, there will be a lesser chance for me to be able to communicate in Russian even in the future, then for any of you to learn and communicate in English. I have visited Donetsk once, just before the stadium’s first use.I have Ukrainian friends.

Thank you for reading and considering any type of friendship with me. Of course,only one friend can become my wife, but many can be in a respectable human friendly relationship.I wish every ladyto find the right man, and to have a good memorable experience using this site.If you have any comments, tell me in a letter. Unfortunately, I cannot promise to reply.You may also share with the agency, any good or bad about me. I have much more to share, if I get other opportunities.