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Marriage Traditions in Ukraine

Marriage Traditions in Ukraine

Wedding is a beautiful ceremony which symbolizes the beginning of a new family life. And every wedding replete with a huge number of symbolic, touching, beautiful and unique wedding traditions. Today there is no clear framework for establishing traditions which you should follow in Ukraine. Each pair individually decides relying on their feelings and desires, because every tradition contains its unique value and meaning for the newlyweds.

We suggest to consider the most beautiful wedding traditions and perhaps you will find some that you will use when marrying a Ukrainian woman.

  • Exchanging wedding vows is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding ceremony. This is a special time to express your feelings, to say the words that you have not yet said to each other. You can present them not only during the wedding ceremony, but during the festive banquet or when you will be alone. It is important that your words are sincere and emotional. You can choose any famous quotes or make up your own words in advance.
  • The exchange of rings. Circle is a symbol of eternity, infinite happiness and love between the man and the woman. People believe that wearing rings on the ring finger will protect love, therefore, leave their imprint on the hearts of each other.
  • Pouring sand. Extremely charming ceremony that came to Ukraine from the warm Hawaiian Islands. Its essence lies in the fact that the couple pour colorful sand into the vase, which results in a unique and very beautiful pattern. This process symbolizes that the two merge into a single fate. Vase with sand is kept locked in the house of the new family.
  • Throwing the bouquet. This tradition is now famous everywhere. People believe that the girl who will catch the bouquet of the bride will marry very soon. This tradition is always a resonance among unmarried and unmarried guests, so you may even observe a kind of a battle.
  • Flower-girls (little girls who scatter petals). Little angels scatter petals before the bride. They have not only cute and charming appearance, but they also decorate all holiday and wedding photography. Small girls symbolize the purity and virginity of the bride recalling that she has been a little girl recently.
  • First kiss. Beautiful wedding tradition of the first kiss has actually sacramental value for Ukrainian brides. People believe that this kiss unites two souls. Every guest should see the couple kissing.
  • Wish Tree. It is a painting of a tree where guests leave their finger prints or wishes. The process of filling the painting is transformed into creative and original entertainment and the picture is then stored in the house of the couple reminding them of the joy they shared with close people. This wedding tree has a symbolic meaning because it resembles a family tree.
  • Cutting the cake. This tradition is very common in Ukraine. Cutting the wedding cake symbolizes the first joint action of a new family. They feed each other with the first piece. Then they treat parents, relatives and friends with the cake.
  • First dance. Today the first dance is a unique and rather touching part of the wedding celebration. The dance symbolizes combination of destinies and hearts of the couple and means creating a new family. It is also a good opportunity for couples to express their individuality and creativity to surprise guests.
  • Tying knots. Despite the fact that this tradition is more symbolic, it is a very important. By tying knots you literally fasten your promises to always be together and support each other. Depending on your preferences, you can strengthen your hand knot or tie a knot symbolically holding different parts of the rope.
  • The dance of the bride and her father. This tradition is very beautiful and exciting. It leaves no one indifferent. It was at this time the girls realize that their lives will dramatically change. This is a good opportunity to express love and gratitude to her parents.
  • Taking off the bridal veil. Quite beautiful and touching tradition that comes from past. Removing the veil covering the head and putting on the scarf symbolizes the bride's conversion from a young girl to a married woman. Once removed the veil, the bride must dance with all unmarried girls, putting on each her veil while dancing.

Nowadays there is a tendency, when the bride modifies traditional wedding ceremonies, makes them more modern and individual. Some couples choose wedding traditions trying to recreate the atmosphere of Ukrainian classical wedding with their simplicity and elegance at the same time.