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Malta - place where love exists

 Malta - place where love exists

I am greeting you, my darling! I would like to share with you my unforgettable emotions that I have got during my magic trip to one small and fabulous state Malta. As I have already mentioned, I got unbelievable impressions that I will never forget and that will enrich the rest of my life. As like others girls in travel I had one common issue that kept me on the alert during my vacation. This issue is absence of you! I wish I could share my happiness with you. I wish we could see this paradise together, felt it and met the same emotions at halves. I will definitely back to Malta but only with you! You must feel the same as I did! This Eden on the Earth was created for lovebirds. Now I am going to tell you everything about my trip. I am sure that you will have a desire to travel there with me!

Malta is a wonderful place! I would rather say that it is an enigmatic place. It seems so tiny but it was really hard to bypass it on foot for me! The roads are sinuous and contain lots of obstructions, however this issue is a part of the entire romanticism. You just imagine how we could climb on hills, stroll along the valleys and pass through the thicket. It would be awesome, yes? This land has a wealth of culture and history. The locals are very proud of their island and they are fond of telling the stories about it. Now I can retell you dozens of historical events of this land and share with you a piece of the Malta's culture. Women who travel merely draw attention to this item of their trip but I do! I wish you could hear the local legends straight from the horse's mouth.

Dear, please, have a look at the pictures of Malta! Please, pay your attention on its marvelous scenery. I believe that the most famous painters create their masterpiece only here! I could likely combine both the relaxation on the beach and visiting excursions. I must admit the quality of the beaches that Malta offers - I have never seen so clean and tender white sand; it was like a plasma flame but not so hot. The only thing that I did during my sunbath was dreaming about you. Girls travelling also do the same but their men were next to them. I wish we could together lie on the sand listening to the voice of the Mediterranean Sea and breathing a soft sea wind. You just imagine - only you and me in the fairy-tale for two loving hearts.

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My excursions were very interesting because Mata has dozens of prehistoric temples, castles and palaces' ruins. It is unbelievable to see how this small state could harmonically combine a cryptic past and progressive present. My heart was overflowed with emotions because I could deeply feel the incidents of long-ago. It is hard to explain my impressions; I had a trip to the past. I will try to describe you one of the noble edifices that I have seen - it is a megalithic complex Ggantija. Our guide told us that this complex was built approximately 3600 BC. These temples are elder than Pyramids of Giza! Wow, it was hard to believe in that! You must see it and I will show you this complex! One interesting aspect of these temples that they are built outside and inside the ground. Still nobody knows what the purpose of this complex was. Oh, it is really mystic for me!

Another one historical monument that I have seen - the Grandmaster's Palace. Notwithstanding the fact that this Palace is not as old as the complex Gganija, still it is very interesting and beautiful. It was built in 1570 and the most notable feature of it - the discrepancy of its inner and outer framing. The outer framing seems unattractive while the inner part of it has an outstanding appearance. There are lots of knights' statues and first-rated paintings. I am sure it would be nice to have a travel host date there.

I am pleased with the fact that I had an opportunity to visit a cave Ghar Dalam. The locals call it "cave of darkness". The feel of this cave is a kind of mystery and contiguity with the nature. If you could touch the cave's walls and inhale its air! It is a kind of magic!

The brightest emotions I got during the fiesta on Malta. Every holiday there as like the last party in life - crowds of people, fireworks and happy faces all around. You can't imagine what I felt and saw being a part of carnival! It seemed like the air was full of joyfulness.

Maltese nosh is very tasty and useful. It contains seafood, the local fruits and vegetables. I tasted lots of dishes it was so tasty. You know, the only my dream now is to have a romantic supper with you during the sunset...on the seaside...with candles...inhaling a warm Maltese air...only you and me and Malta. Let's go there together, my darling! I know for sure - love waits for us there.