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Make a perfect profile

How to make a perfect profile? Few good advices...

Your profile is your secret of success among pretty Russian woman on the dating site. That is the main dating document where all the information you wish to share and you think the most winning is. That is why so important to think carefully at your profile when you register at the site.

Try to decide what facts you wish to show off for every woman and what information you wish to keep for only some of them.

The reason of putting the age is quite clear. To my mind it is not needed for a man to hide his age, no matter how much he is. The reason is that for a man all of his years are his wealthy life-experience and no need to say that you are younger than you really are. That is not bad to be experienced, isn't it? It is a bit another part among women. For a woman after 30 the age starting to be a problem and more and more men (to only her mind) look at younger once. That can be rather long conversation about the good sides of women's middle age but you'd better explain them yourself.

I am absolutely sure that it is rather useful to put your height into the profile. That is rather important information connected with your appearance and better not to drop it out for not having a frustration in girl's eyes.

Now will go to the photo. That is one of the most important parts in the profile. Most of the pretty Russian women when they browse the profiles simply look at the pictures, and only then if they like what they see (and it usually goes to the face expression and surrounding atmosphere) they read the information about your height and then will go the time for hobbies, work and interest. But the picture is at the top of everything.

Unfortunately we are made so that we look at the dress and only then at the face. That is why you have to look ideal at that very picture. Try to find the photo in elegant clothes or something fashionable and stylish which underline your creative nature and nice character. The main rule is that it has to look suitable and well in colors. Better to take pictures in some neutral places - not at the party where you are funny but looks silly a bit.

One of the most important rules for the picture of yours is that you'd better chose the one with face close-up for your future pretty Russian lady could see your bright shining and full of energy and life-interest eyes and nice kind smile. That is also very good note - try to choose views of happy smiles than serious working face with head full of problems and big-boss expression. In that last case beautiful Russian woman can decide that you are rather boring and grimy man with no interests but work in your life.

Make them think different. Try to take pictures and put them into the site from your vocational trips where you spend time great and for pretty Russian lady would have a wish to make you a company looking at those very pictures.

After all of that preparations do not forget to describe your preferences and hobbies. Can happen that you do something extraordinary and unusual - maybe pain the pictures or compose poems, try to use all of that stuff to get the curious attention of beautiful Russian woman of your dream. If you have some amazing work or if you really proud of your working achievements you can put a note about the place of working. But let me give you an advice not to speak too much about work with a pretty Russian girl. As far as she does something another your details won't be so interesting for her, maybe she even won't understand what you talking about.

That is why better pay more attention to your free time hobbies, treats of character, every-day situations, something interesting and unusual in your life. Entertain the girl and you will see how soon she will fall in love. Do not forget about compliments and little pleasant notes and online gifts and you will win all that very heart of the Russian beauty.