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Like an every person, a city has its own history, individuality and character. The city’s peculiarities are created by the originality of the people having built it, living here and protecting this city. Lviv is an ancient city having the eternally young heart. The face of the city changes every year, but the magic of old times is constantly present here. Lviv is well-known in Europe by its splendour and magnificence, combining the features of old times and modern life of the society. Lviv is called very often “little Paris”, because of the majestic beauty and quiet atmosphere of the city life. It is a real gem of Europe. This city is managed to save its own image during seven centuries.

The life in Lviv flows calmly. There is not the clamour of crowds and the noise of cars here. One can stroll along the streets of Lviv and meet always something new. Everyone who has visited Lviv strives for doing it again. This romantic ancient city is impossible to be forgotten. One says that if it has been possible to be born again, one would have been born in Lviv. There are numerous churches and other monuments of architecture here. It is like an outdoor museum. By the way, Lviv is the residence of many business and commercial activities. There are numerous offices of various companies, modern superstores, multibranch bank system and highly developed infrastructure allowed for visitors varying their rest in Lviv.

The international airport “Lviv” named after Danylo Halytskyi has the greatest passenger traffic and the biggest itineraries number in Western Ukraine. The Airport “Lviv” comprises old and new terminals functioning nowadays. The new terminal is able to let through 2000 persons an hour. There is a waiting room, a room for check-in and check-in luggage on the ground floor of the new terminal. There is customs control, border control and air security control on the first and second floors. Old terminal is able to let through 300 passengers an hour for arrival and 220 passengers for departure. There is a VIP room here. One can go to the airport from the city by bus number 48 (the bus stop Airport – New terminal) or by trolley bus number 9 (the stop Airport – Old terminal). It is easy to take a taxi going to the airport in the city.

The high level of the infrastructure of Lviv offers all guests of the wonderful city a wide choice of lodgings. There are a lot of hotels and hostels situated in the heart of the city of Lion or in the environs. The average cost of living in hotels in Lviv is about 660 hryvnias a day and more. Comfortable hostels will propose their services for the prices from 100 to 360 hryvnias a day. A very attractive way for all people visiting Lviv is the rental of quarters. It is possible to find quarters in Lviv with the cost from 200 hryvnias to 750 hryvnias a day. Comfortable quarters with all necessary furniture and improvements will provide anybody with the possibility to get delight from the staying in Lviv.

By reasons of rich history and magnificent beauty Lviv is declared the part of the ensemble of world culture monuments of UNESCO. The greatest number of historic and architectural monuments (2500) of Ukraine is in Lviv. There are sights with the history coming from the 12 century in Lviv. The architectural ensembles of the place Rynok, streets Virmenska and Rousska are registered in the list of the World architectural monuments of UNESCO.

The place Rynok is the heart of medieval Lviv. Every of fourty five buildings of the place is an invaluable monument of the architecture of 14 – 17 centuries and has its own history. Four fountains decorated with the statues of Neptune, Adonis, Diana and Amphitrite are the ornaments of the place. There is the town hall house in the core of the place. The bird’s eye view of Lviv can be seen from the mirador of the town hall. Every construction included in the composition of the place Rynok is the monument of architecture and has its own legend.

St. George’s Cathedral is the principal temple of Ukrainian Greek Catholics. The cathedral belongs to the list of monuments of UNESCO since 1998. St. George’s Cathedral (1745 - 1770) represents the architectural complex consisted of baroque and rococo buildings with clearly expressed national features. The architectural ensemble of St. George’s cathedral takes an important place in the Ukrainian art and culture because of the presence of a big quantity of historical and art monuments which have been saved inside of the architectural complex.

Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Solomiya Krushelnytska is a real masterpiece of neo-Renaissance style. It is the ornament of Lviv and all Europe. The building of the theatre was started in 1897 in accordance with the project of Zygmunt Gorgolewski. The beauty of the theatre interior impresses. Gold and variegated marble, paintings and sculptures are used in decorating. The Big city’s theatre was open on October 4, 1900. A lot of famous representatives of Ukrainian art collaborated with the staff of the theatre during different years.

Lviv is the city where nobody will be bored. There are a lot of places where everyone can spend amusingly the free time. Theatres (the theatre of Maria Zankovetska or the Opera of Lviv), cinemas of “Kinopalaz”, philharmonic or various night clubs are the efficient weapon for fighting against boredom.

Lviv guarantees all guests being in a good mood during all the year round. The summer in Lviv means to admire the panoramas of ancient streets and places flooded with the bright sunlight. The autumn opens all majesty of the views of Lviv represented in the golden frames of autumn leaves. The winter creates the atmosphere of the magic fairy tale in the city of Lion. The monuments, churches and palaces are dressed in the wonderful white clothes making miraculous sceneries around. Lviv is unique in spring. Blowing camellias, Japanese cherry trees and forsythias make imagine the real life on the canvas of the Impressionists.

A tour of Lviv will be an excellent present for beloveds. The city is full of romantic places and traditions. Some of them are offered to the sweethearts the place Rynok. The first place of the eternal presence of love is the balcony where the king of Poland saw the beautiful girl and immediately felt love to her. Next tradition advises both beloveds to sit down on the bench simultaneously holding one another by the hand to have a happy and long-term love. This bench is held by two lions protecting the happiness of sweethearts. One more romantic tradition of the place Rynok recommends all beloveds to ask the deities of ancient Greeks Neptune, Diana, Adonis and Amphitrite for the luck. Their statues decorate four fountains placing on the corners of the town hall.