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Is there a real chance for a relationship between a city girl & a cow boy?

Is there a real chance for a relationship between a city girl & a cow boy?

Loving relations is a period when you have already met your second half and when the couple has decided that they will be together forever. Can we say this phrase when we mean relationships between a city girl and a cowboy? The answer is positive by no means, but only if the couple goes through a required period of communication and dating. Now, many young people believe that it does no matter how much time you're with the person. The main thing is that the heart will tell you. Today young people begin sexual relations or marry after two months of dating. But what is the most optimal period of premarital relationship?

There are studies about optimal duration of premarital intercourse. Scientists have studied a lot of couples who are happily married. And it turned out that the duration of premarital relationship should be one and a half year plus or minus six months. This is a period sufficient to ensure that people know each other well and have no illusions about each other. Well, if by that time love persists as a very strong feeling and at the air castles, which can subsequently brutally break family life, no longer exist. Young people in this period (1-2 years) go through difficult situations and solve problems together.

If you are a cowboy dreaming of marrying a city girl after having relationships for less than six months, then there is a high probability that the marriage will be unhappy. In such marriages, there is a high risk of collapse.

How to Choose the Right Person for Marriage?

Psychologists say that it is necessary to look closely at your chosen one in four situations.

1. First, watch how another human interacts with friends. It is known that the period of premarital relations is a period of conquest. People try to show only on the positive side and hide their bad traits. But friends have known your partner for many years and have observed different situations. They have already managed to form the right attitude to your chosen one. Find out this dismissive attitude or respect, or maybe an attitude of gratitude. These features are clearly visible.

2. The second situation is the attitude of colleagues at work. It clearly shows your lover is a lazy creature or a serious person. Here it becomes clear how much she is responsible for the job to do. What is her general attitude to work with people?

3. But it is especially important to look at the behavior of your loved one in the family with parents. One of the male students once ran to my office with tears. He said that his girlfriend is very friendly and helpful with him and the attitude she had toward him was most ideal. And here's the situation, they came to get acquainted with her parents. The mother went into the kitchen and after a while she called her daughter. He heard a very rude answer. It is understood that the cowboy had doubts and he has no idea what kind of person his city girlfriend is.

I want to say that in reality the person is known by the relation to the parents. Then it becomes clear how she will actually behave with you. Not on holidays, but in everyday life! And then you ask yourself, how much you're willing to go with this city girl through all your life. How much are you willing to fight for it, to warm her soul, to fight for her so that she could always stay caring, gentle and kind?

4. And the last, the fourth situation is certainly to see how a person behaves in a difficult situation. In family life there are plenty of problems. I must say that there are many difficulties and obstacles in real life, but it is important to evaluate the behavior of a person in a problem situation. Watch her behavior, she starts to panic or hides behind the others or vice versa, she treats the situation decisively, perhaps, with humor, she begins to overcome it. If you are a cowboy dating with a city girl, treat these situations realistically. You have to understand who your future wife is before the marriage.