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Interview with Mis December

The contest «Miss December» has come to an end. It’s won by Tatiana! She is, as you have probably noticed, very attractive and sensual lady. In a partner she respects reliability, loyalty, honesty, and sense of humor. Traditionally, the winner of the contest was interviewed by us:

- Well, good late afternoon to you Miss, we are really happy to have you here.

- I’m happy to be here.

- Please accept our hearty congratulations on your victory. As you know, Ukrainian brides are in favor in the judgment of men on bridge-of-love.

- Thank you! My Christmas tree and proper wardrobe did the job.

- You are really unbelievable on the photo. You look just great!

- Beauty is an aim and you have to work really hard for.

- Did you know you would win?

- I wanted to win. Huge thanks to the men who voted for me!

- Why did you decide to participate in the contest?

- I like to watch bridge-of-love contests, it’s always very interesting and creative for online brides, but I didn’t dare to participate. When I saw the announcement of the contest "Miss December" I suddenly realized that I really want to take part in this wonderful contest. I wanted to give a crack and mark out among Ukrainian brides. In addition, the theme for online brides was very winter-like, and I actually like winter pastime.

- What emotions did you experience after the announcement of the winner?

- At that moment I was swept by the hurricane of emotions! I remember that my first words were: «It can’t be true». I came to my senses only in the evening.

- You have such a charming smile! Do you smile often?

- Of course!

- What makes you smile?

- Different things. For example, when I can sleep an hour longer or meet interesting people. Usual small things in life, practically everything! Life is a priceless gift!

- Do you want to tell something to online brides on the website?

- Yes! Do not be afraid to express you emotions, energy, and talent! I believe that bridge-of-love makes dreams come true. I wish all the best to Ukrainian brides, so they would have a lot of fun and festive emotions!

- Yet again, we congratulate you over the victory with best wishes for a Happy New Year.

- Thanks again. All the best!

Follow this link to our winner: Tatiana