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Ideas of a Romantic Date with Russian Women

Ideas of a Romantic Date with Russian Women

Relationships cannot exist without dates. That is why it is important to prepare for it in advance and think through all the details. Here are some useful ideas that will help to organize the unusual and memorable date. It is advisable to remember that both of you should enjoy the time. Therefore, you have to take into consideration only those activities that are interesting and joyful.

Idea number one: A romantic adventure

This idea will suit adventurous people who love extraordinary things. The advantage of this solution is quite great. Stiffness disappears once there is a common theme to talk about. Even if something goes wrong, you can always turn attention of the girl to something else. To implement this idea, you can choose the following variants:

  • Fishing
  • Attractions
  • An unusual city tour
  • Ballooning

It is very important not to forget about your Russian girlfriend and give her your attention. It is a bad idea to let everything go itself and watch surrounding objects.

Idea number two: A romantic walk

Many dates usually begin with a romantic walk. However, most of them are of same type and it follows a pattern: a bouquet, a walk through the city and a short conversation on the bench. This option is rather boring. It will be much more interesting to have a trip to the beach with a picnic basket. You can take there an ordinary blanket, wine and sweets, but this option will give enough time to talk. A romantic walk can end with a walk under the stars. Nature makes you relax and prepare you for emotional openness.

Idea number three: Sports date

This idea should be implemented by mutual request. For example, it may be a trip to the roller or ice skating, mountain skiing, rock climbing lesson, etc. Even if you want to make a surprise, in any case, tell your partner to choose the kind of clothes for a date. An evening dress will not suit for climbing or skating. There are two outcomes in this case: your girlfriend will watch you are having fun or you will have to change plans at one moment.

NOT to do list

Whatever idea you choose, make sure not to do the following things on a date with Russian women:

  • Talk about how to find a girlfriend.
  • Discuss any topic that requires some specific knowledge or skills.
  • Behave provocatively.
  • Tell vulgar jokes and laugh all the time.
  • Never agree with her opinion.
  • Look at your phone instead of your girlfriend.
  • Talk on the phone for too long or text someone without a stop.

Put the phone aside or somewhere in your bag. No matter what happens in the world, you give all your attention to the woman. Otherwise, she will think you are bored with her. This date will be the last in this situation. After this first date could be the last. You have to ask a Russian woman if she minds posting information about your relationships in social networks.

A successful date

Sincere desire to bring pleasure to another person should coincide with preferences of another person. Be ready that a Russian woman will not appreciate the date. Ask your girlfriend what you have to do to make the next date better or ask her to organize something for you. Do not get upset, because you do not know each other so well that you can easily predict reaction to different things. The main rule on any date is to stay yourself and never pretend to be someone else.