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How to make her feel safe for coming to your place

How to make her feel safe for coming to your place

Without any doubt real meeting is one of the most pleasant and amazing moments of all the history of your online dating with a beautiful Russian woman. Of course you feel a bit nervous and think that you are passing one of the most important exams in your life but still, nothing can compare with natural conversation and alive communication with a pretty Russian girl.

No doubt that if both of you decide that would be better and useful for her to come with a visit to your place, the girl's worries would be much more serious than yours. And in this situation, you aim to make her feel maximally comfortable and safe at your home. You have to make such a hospitality wonder that she would want to come back to your house and spend there with you for the rest of her life (or at least a large part of it). You have to recollect for the future that this very pretty Russian woman has to meet such welcoming and polite reaction every time she visits you, and not when she does it for the first time only

First of all clean the house. That is very easy and ordinary advice but most men forget about it. She has to see a cozy and clean house with a gentleman as a host. Also about the place to stay. If Russian pretty giving you the first visit in your relationships can be better for her to stay in the hotel. No need to underline that it has to be done only if she wants that herself. As a polite host and a man who is eager to see her and have this beauty near him you'd for sure offer your own house for living. Let her decide if she is all right to stay with you already and if she feels you are a close enough person or if she would decide to stay independent for the first time.

Do not forget that she is coming to another culture and she can be ignorant in some little traditions you have in your city. That is why you have to be near the right time to give her correct advice and to change her behavior if it warning to become funny because of any reason. The same goes for language difficulties. More often slang or dialects are rather difficult for non-native speakers and your debt is to prevent all of the troubles which beautiful Russian girl can face.

Besides, do not forget about the amusement program. The pretty Russian woman can be a real stranger in your country. That is why you have got a great chance to show her how much you know about history, art, famous places, best shops, restaurants and everything you will meet around. Without any doubt, such things needed to be well prepared but try not to be an academic when you walk along the streets, be a funny, positive and optimistic-good sense of humor is your best friend do not forget about that.

Would be perfect if you try to make some romantic date for her. After that, your beautiful Russian woman will associate the country of the visit with this fairy-tale date. Try to do your best to switch on your imagination and organize something more than usual dinner in the restaurant with a bunch of flowers. This variant is also very good for the romantic beginning of the relationships, but memorizing prepares something extraordinary for her. By the way, something usual and traditional for you can be the real wonder for your pretty Russian girl. That is why it is not so difficult to amuse her with something. In this situation, the difference in culture can play on your side.

Remember that all women like presents. Try to leave something close to her heart for she can refresh the pleasant memories when she will be far from you. That has not been a diamond ring after just the first meeting (only if you have such a wish and feel with all of your heart that you have to find the ideal woman of your dream). If you do not have such serious intentions yet better present her something not so expensive but very sweet and recollection you.

In any case, the most pleasant advice is to repeat the meeting as soon as possible and even better would not get apart at all.