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How to find real Russian women pictures?

How to find real Russian women pictures?

Men from different countries have a heard a lot about Russian and Ukrainian women. Even those men who have never met a single Russian lady, know a lot about qualities that make Russian women so special. The problem with international dating is that people are guided by certain stereotypes. Trying to generalize all Russian women to develop one sample is impossible as each woman has her individual character.

Wittingly or not, plenty of men from America believe in the existing stereotype that describes Russian woman as slim, beautiful, smart, and, of course, single. While such women really exist, it impossible to work out a specific “template” of Russian women.

If a man really wants to meet a woman from Russia in order to build serious relationship with the prospective to get married, he needs to treat each woman as an individual, not as a stereotype.

Men who are new to international dating must be careful with their choice of agency. Taking into consideration that the industry of Russian mail brides is blooming, there are people that have learned to gain profit in illegal way too – there are plenty of scam dating sites, which swindlers use to receive money from men willing even to pay to find a Russian bride. Before starting communication on international dating web sites, it is important to make sure that the bridal service web site is reliable resource that provides real Russian women pictures. Scam dating web sites use fake pictures of women who usually have no intentions of meeting American husbands and have no idea their pictures are online.

Are there any marks that may help identify a scam web site with fake pictures? As a matter of fact, yes there are. Apart from talking to men who already have experience in online dating, a man needs to scrutinize a matchmaking web site and picture of Russian women presented on it.

Photos of real Russian ladies will even look real. These pictures have been made mostly in real life situations like birthday, wedding of a good friends or simply walking with a dog. A woman that uploads a lot of pictures with her friends and probably even family members, really wants to tell her story and let other know as much as she can present at the first stage of communication. If a woman uploads pictures of herself, it does not mean that she is 100% fake – she might be just a little bit reserved but still it something worth noting. It is worth paying attention to the poses and clothes of women on the pictures. A profile with a couple of pictures that have only seductive character really looks suspicious.

A picture should not be too photoshoped. Even though Russian women are striving to perfection in regard to their appearance, very few women on dating web sites know how to use photoshop professionally. Unlike real women, scammers use photoshop and other graphic tools a lot. They want to make their women look impressive and nearly perfect.

Another thing worth paying attention to is the background of the pictures. In real pictures background will be real – parks, buildings, people, etc. On scam web sites pictures usually have single colour background. Moreover, looking carefully at the picture, it is possible to see if a girl has been inserted in the picture.

Even if everything indicates that the pictures of a Russian woman are real, it might be a good idea to ask her to send a selfie once you start communication. Asking questions about pictures and where they have been taken might also indicate whether the person behind the picture is real.