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How I can go to the Diamond group

How much time is needed to find your love? People have not yet been able to find an answer to this question. But of site’s statistics allows coming closer to answer to that question based on successful people's experience.

We are answering unambiguously – go to diamond.

We made a full range of services that we think are ideal for success in dating. Those clients who will follow our advice – will find their happiness with a big chance. We are not only glad for the client if he finds, but we are ready to promote his level by level so he could save his money on communications.

The way to success on our site in simple terms looks like this:

(Search) -(Meeting )- (Conversation)- (Relationships)- (Calls, gifts, dates) – real relationships of already know each other persons

There are three profile’s levels on our site



In credits purchase tab you can see how much prices vary for each group


For reaching the highest level on-site you need to consistently follow the same way of those who have achieved success on our site. If you want to be successful in love - ask the one who is already happy, say we.

In our opinion to know a person well you need to talk to him to see and hear him and most importantly trust him. The Bridge of Love is an area that has all the tools to do so. Our customers only need to decide the question of confidence.

Member - every client who went through registration on our website and pay for a start-up credit package received this status. Status is the least successful. The customer’s profile in this status has no privileges in the options of the search for the girls but it is entirely open and functional.

Gold – a client who showed himself active enough for a period not less than one month was able to talk with some of our girls on site, created a list of favorites and continues to move to the Diamond group. We thought that an average of forming the favorites list the customer spends about 1-1.5 months, wrote about 800 letters or spends chatting at least 7500 minutes. The customer who has fulfilled all of these average conditions is received Gold status. 30% of customers who find their happiness are in the Gold status. Gold Status entitles you to save the credits on the account even after account removal.

Diamond - a client who was able to find the girl or the girls with whom he is prepared to talk, meet and spend time on our website. We calculated that the average customer who found love on site in 1668 sent letters or 15,000 minutes of chat. 60% of customers who find their happiness are the customers of our website in the Diamond status.

We are hopeful that exactly you will find your happiness through us. Diamond on the Bridge of Love – the diamond of love in the heart.