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Hear the bride

Best way to hear the bride...

Thanks Bell that many years ago he invented the telephone. Without it would be quite difficult to imagine the voice of the people who is so far from you. The hint goes for the beautiful Russian lady who is becoming the queen of your heart.

The field of interest usually is in the music of the sound. A lot of men like women's voices and how they sound play a very important role in their relations. Even if you are not one of them I can be sure that you would be always happy and interested to hear the voice of the pretty Russian lady you have seen on the picture of your screen.

Talking over the phone is like a next little step to your real meeting and giving both of you one more brilliant chance to know details about your couple's character and temperament.

Without doubt phone calls are possible to make the missing and the distance a bit shorter, as if we are talking with a beloved person over the phone and hear his voice very close we can imagine that the person itself is not hundreds of kms away but somewhere in the next room.

When both of you decide that it is time to talk alive to each other you will need to arrange the right time and a right mood for the first call. No wonder that even for the first hearing and the first call you would feel a bit nervous, believe me the same is your pretty Russian woman. But very soon you would understand how it is funny and amusing is to laugh at jokes and chat about nothing and discuss plans and share romantic thoughts and do all of this by talking and not by simple typing.

For sure phone call has its huge advantages. We can emphases the phrases and cannot worry that the sentence would be understood in a wrong way because the beautiful Russian woman read it with another intonation. You can say and hear and get the full view of vital conversation.

Seems that one of the disadvantages phone calls have is their cost. I'm sure that you will be calling the lady as a real gentleman. It is nothing when you are calling once a week for example, but soon after starting such way of communication you would not want to come back to the typing chat and will spend chatting on the phone a bit more time than you supposed. In this case it would be useful to pay attention to any special services and try to save some funds. The result will be the same but the economy would warm your heart.

Another important notice is the time-difference. Try to learn at what time zone your pretty Russian girl lives and think twice before decide to call her. Better do it during the evenings when she is back from work and already had some time for rest. Not always she is able to answer the private calls during the working day that is why better to wait till the evening comes and have a nice chat in calm cozy atmosphere.

Try to catch her intonations and if she sounds tired say her good night and sweet dreams and leave her alone for sleep and rest. That is rather easy to understand what pretty Russian lady have on her heart and what kind of mood she is in now through her intonation (one more phone advantage, isn't it?) that will give you the chance to take care of her and raise her mood or maybe tell her something pleasant without any reason at all.

Phone calls rather soon can lead you to the real meeting. If she gives you her phone number that is the right sign of her real nice intention and serious plans to your side. Of course some phone chats would not give you the loving and brilliant family but still every communication and keeping in touch is great. Step after step you will come to the conclusion of the real meeting and after that your calls will be full of passion. Strong plans for future life and good emotions for sure. The only things needed are just some efforts and attention.