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Fender Pickups Dating

First of all we need to define who a pickup artist is

If you have never heard the word ‘pickup’ or maybe heard about it but have not fully understood what it means, keep on reading this article because you will be introduced to the whole new side of dating. Yes, if you are from a musical sphere and only used this term as in fender pickups or fullerton pickups, you are going to be surprised.

First of all, we need to define who a pickup artist is. That is a man who uses certain methods to attract and seduce women. Where does he learn about these methods? There is a certain (and a quite big) community that teaches the art of pickup. There are courses and books, and of course, there is lots of stuff online which can be quite helpful when you are a new to a dating scene and want to present yourself in a good light.

Some people who do not know much about pickup criticize it, and you need to know why in order to avoid making similar mistakes. Few men use dirty pick ups for women when they come to a bar or a night club looking for a one night stand. You must have heard these typical lines which are then used in parodies and jokes. Here are several examples of what you must NOT say to a girl if you want her to like you:

  • 1. Do you ever get headaches? Because it must have hurt to fall from heaven.
  • 2. How come such a beautiful, sexy, smart lady does not have a boyfriend?
  • 3. No wonder I am burning right now. I have never met anyone hotter than you.

Well, you get an idea. The thing is, these phrases have been used by so many desperate men they have long been considered ‘anti pick up’ lines and have zero if not negative effect on girls. And while we are on this topic, try also to avoid calling the girl you have just met your ‘sunshine’, ‘kitten’, and all that crap.

Now you may already be scratching your head wondering what are the pickup methods then if you cannot say this or that. Pickup dating is a complicated thing but don’t worry, we are going to share some tips of successful pickup artists with you right now.

The most important thing you must do when you decide to do this is choose the right ‘victim’. Pickups are most effective when a girl has a low self esteem or at least has not had a boyfriend for a few years and is desperate for attention. During two-three weeks of dating pickup artists focus all of their attention on their new date, telling her compliments, calling and texting her all the time, and helping her with anything she may need. Once the man feels the girl is hooked, he basically lets her go. He stops calling so often and starts courting after other women in front of her. Any girl would be hurt by this behavior but not when it is done using pickup techniques. The trick is to make her feel that she has done something wrong or you have simply lost your interest or got bored. How do you know if it has worked? She starts texting or calling you randomly, putting on short skirts and dresses when you are around and dropping everything when you finally invite her somewhere again. What is the ultimate goal here? Of course, it is to make the girl fall over heels for you. It may make no sense but it really works.

Unfortunately, some men get so carried away with the world of pickup dating, that they start keeping count of all the women they have managed to ‘pick up’. It turns into a game and leads to miserable relationships or lack of them. However, if you use pickup methods rationally and only when you really want to seduce a girl of your dream, it can do magic. If you often say nonsense and get extremely awkward around women, pickup dating rules can make you feel more confident, learn your strong sides and know how to use them to your advantage without hurting any girl in the process.