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Father's Day in Ukraine

Father’s Day is rather popular all over the world. However, in Ukraine, it became a public holiday only in 2019. The aim was to underline an important role of a father in parenting. Moreover, it enhanced the status of men in the process of raising children and promoted responsible fatherhood. Since that time, Father’s Day in Ukraine has been celebrated annually on the third Sunday of June.

It is difficult to overestimate the significance of the father in the child’s life. He is the first male role model that the child follows as an example. What is more, the dad teaches children a lot of things that a mom can’t teach. Thus, Father’s Day is a good occasion to congratulate all men who are fathers, as well as thank your parent.

What is People’s Attitude to Father’s Day in Ukraine?

To find out the answer to this question, we have asked people what they think of this holiday.

Julia, ID: 125079

I have never heard of this holiday. Yes, I have a father, but I can’t say that he participates in my life actively. He prefers working almost the whole week. When I was a child and wanted to talk to him in the evening, I always heard something like, “I am too tired. I have a right to have a rest.” At the weekend, he used to spend time with his friends, not with the family. I think that is the reason why we don’t celebrate anything together.

Victoria, ID: 124411

Of course, I know about Father’s Day. Moreover, it is one of my favorite holidays. My dad is awesome! He is always ready to help me no matter how busy he is. My father is the first person I share my crazy ideas with. I would like to have a husband who is as supportive, responsible, kind, and caring as my dad.

What about Father’s Day? We celebrate it every year. My dad knows that I love him. Still, this holiday is a great chance to show that our family appreciates everything he does for us. Although my father likes cooking, this is the day when I prepare something delicious. Moreover, I always buy a gift for him. It can be a T-shirt, a cute mug, a set of ties, or a board game.

We always spend this day together. Before the quarantine, we used to go to the cinema or a football match. Sometimes I presented my dad with tickets to a concert. Yes, we have different tastes but Father's Day is his day. It was a great pleasure to go there with him and see how happy he was at that time! This year we are planning a grill party with funny activities.

Katerina, ID: 124929

Well, it is difficult for me to answer this question. My husband and I divorced some time ago. We have a child who is not a baby any more. And I know how it is important to maintain healthy relationships with the father. However, it is not that easy. That is why I am not sure whether we will celebrate Father’s Day this year.

How do People Celebrate Father’s Day in Ukraine?

As you can see, Father’s Day is a relatively new holiday for Ukraine. So, no specific traditions have formed yet. Still, there are people for whom this day is important. And they try to make it unforgettable by:

  • - preparing special gifts for their fathers. They try to make presents on their own or look for appropriate alternatives on the Internet;
  • cooking something special for their dads, for instance, super summer burgers, chicken wings, or arranging a family barbecue;
  • having fun together while rollerblading, playing football, tennis, or simply walking in the park, forest, by the river. The main idea is to spend time actively;
  • planning a mini-trip to some interesting places if it is possible. Traveling guarantees new experiences and emotions. What can be better than sharing all this with your nearest and dearest person?
  • making father’s dreams come true. All people have some ambitions and desires. However, very often, they put them off because they are busy taking care of their children. Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to thank your dad for all his love and remind him of his dreams. Has he ever wanted to drive a go-cart or jump with a parachute? It is time to make it happen!
  • calling to express their gratitude if a dad is far away or doesn’t live with the family. 

What do you know about Father’s Day in Ukraine? How do you celebrate this holiday in your country?