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Dating Single Parents

You might have already noticed that you cannot help but feel attracted to certain people, and sometimes the chemistry between you and your partner is so great, you do not even notice any of the flaws or disadvantages this person might have. You like all of his qualities and features you used to hate in other people. Has it happened to you before? Do you recognize yourself in this description? Love is blind. There is a good reason why they say it. However, this blind love can lead you to dating single parents, and that can be both beautiful and stressful experience.

If you do not have your own kids just yet, you may have no idea what to do with someone else’s child, that’s why it might be a shock to find out your perfect girlfriend or boyfriend has a kid. Even if it does not affect the way your relationship is developing, and she or he still has plenty of time for you, it also means that if you are serious about this person, you will need to try and accept his child too. While some single parents stay in touch with their exes and do not mind their kid spending time with their mother or father who is no longer a part of their family, others have either lost their half or decided against keeping in touch. The first variant can be better for you unless you are a jealous type who does not want your partner to see his ex over and over again. The latter variant means that you will be required to play the role of a parent for this child, if you want to continue dating his mother or father.

What are the differences between dating a woman without a child and a woman who is a single parent? First of all, in most cases, a woman with a child looks for a serious relationship that will possibly lead to marriage. It is rare that girls with kids are ok with a fling or casual dating once or twice a week. Secondly, if a woman does not have a nanny or parents who live nearby and are happy to look after a child while you two go out, you will have to get creative and be ready to spend lots of time not only with your girlfriend but also with her kid. That means playgrounds, children’s stores, safer cars, etc. It should not be a big problem if you are madly in love with the woman and can look past the fact that her child may or may not look a lot like his father.

If you are a woman who is dating a man who is a single parent, things might be a bit more complicated for you. Luckily, the situations where a man is left alone with a child are quite rare but it also means that something really bad has happened in his life to lead to this: either he lost his wife to a serious disease or his ex turned out to be a very mean person who did not care for kids. Both cases can leave a big scar on a man’s heart and make you work harder to prove that you are a decent woman who will not hurt him the same way again. Guys who have to raise their child alone are very caring, loving and responsible which means they will become perfect husbands – as long as you can become a mother for their kid. If a child is already a teenager, of course, your task might be different. All you will need to do is try to become his friend and be supportive of his activities.

In every other aspect dating single parents is no different from dating people without children because your relationship with each other plays the most important part, and kids cannot really affect it. Just remember not to be selfish. Give presents to the kids now and then, find time to play with him or her and never ever argue or scream at your girlfriend or boyfriend in front of a child. If you do not make any huge mistakes, there is a good chance this kid will someday call you Mommy or Daddy and later on be grateful that you have been nice enough to take care of him.