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Dating Secrets of Shorter Men

There is a wrong stereotype going on that shorter men have trouble getting women. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Men who have not been given good height by birth learn the right way to court after girls early on. So what are their dating secrets?

First of all, shorter men never call their woman right after the date. They keep her waiting. What’s the secret in this type of behavior? Even if a woman has not been very impressed by the date, when a man keeps her waiting and guessing, she starts to think he’s actually worthy and she needs to win him over. That’s the female logic, don’t ask for the reasoning behind it.

Short short man also know the following trick: they bring their new lady to a place where they are well-known and respected. It creates a certain aura around them which makes a woman know: he is a keeper. When a woman sees that important men are polite and respectful to her partner, she feels she needs to respect him and be with him too.

Even though many shorter men are great lovers, if they really like a woman, they will not sleep with her early on. In the dating world there is a rule: when you want to show you are looking for a serious relationship and not just one-night affair or a lover, you should wait at least a month before you jump into bed. If you are a good match, your patience will bring great rewards when you enter a new stage of your relationship, and it will be worth all the waiting. Just ask those couples who had to wait because of the distance or other circumstances.

Unlike tall muscular men who feel that women have to like them by default, shorter men are not used to this kind of attitude. They know how to appreciate a girl who has expressed sympathy towards them, that’s why they are very generous when it comes to gifts. Men of small height give the best bouquets of flowers, make unforgettable presents and surprises. If a woman has not been spoiled much in her previous relationships, all these gifts can go a long way.

Another dating secret that shorter men use is telling their women as many compliments as possible. Beware though: the compliments should not be banal and pathetic. Be creative and unique. Beautiful women have heard many nice words about themselves, so if you give a compliment to her intelligence or some of her hobbies, she will look at you through different eyes.

In general, shorter men have to live by the following dating rules: be more attentive, be nicer, be gentlemen, be more respectful and more polite than other men. All these qualities can impress a woman much more than a man’s height and appearance.

Some short men play hard to get, and that is also one of the ways to attract a woman but it will be a certain type of females who like the game. They might not be up for long-term commitment if you behave this way. That’s why the best dating secret of shorter men is listen to your woman and try to satisfy her needs. See what she really wants and do exactly that. As long as you remain a strong man who can be gentle with his woman, no one will say anything about your height or lack of it.