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Age gap relationships – good or bad?

Most people prefer to date their peers. But there is no such obstacle as age for true love. What should you do if you’ve developed feelings for a woman much younger than you? Are age gap relationships good or bad? Let’s find out.

First of all, age gap makes it difficult to understand each other. People of different age categories have different priorities and interests. In couples where a man is 10 to 15 years older than a woman, the spouses often lead separate ways of life. While 40-year-old men usually seek stability and put family values above everything else, females in late twenties and mid-thirties still actively socialize. Their desire to go out and have fun every other night, the amount of time and money they spend on friends, parties and other forms of entertainment can make a mature man think they are too flippant and thus hardly suitable for the role of a wife.  In her turn, a young woman can find a much older man boring, heavy-tempered and inert because of his wish to spend more time at home in front of the TV set.

Another problem is the difference in life experience and social status. If there is a big age gap between the two people, one of them is naturally wiser, more experienced and therefore more capable of taking crucial decisions. Some younger women may find it difficult to accept the superiority of an older man, especially if he has a habit to preach and criticize her for being too naïve and reckless. Moreover, women in young age rarely have a steady job with growth opportunities, while most man in their forties and fifties have already made a successful career. That might put additional pressure on your beloved who will feel small and incomplete beside you. However, that concerns only a small percentage of females, as a vast majority of the fair sex dreams of a strong, prosperous and reliable man.

What most women are looking for is a breadwinner and protector that will make them feel safe and loved. Naturally, not every younger man will fit this description simply because he hasn’t found his place in life yet. The understanding of the female nature and the ability to solve a woman’s problems that come with experience are highly important if you want to make your second half happy. Women fall for inner strength and self-sufficiency, which often makes mature men more attractive to younger girls than their peers. They simply feel with their female sense that you can take better care of them and the family than most guys of their age. 

As we also know, psychologically girls grow up faster than guys. While men start thinking about creating a family in their thirties, most women are willing to do it much earlier. In this sense, age gap balances out psychological differences and allows people to successfully pursue a common goal without sacrificing their immediate needs. If you are forty and want to have kids, you probably won’t manage to accomplish it with a woman of your age. A young female in her twenties or thirties, on the other hand, will make a perfect mother. According to statistics, couples with an age difference of 5 to 7 years usually create the strongest and happiest families.

As you see, age gap isn’t that fatal. If you truly love each other, you’ll be able to reach a compromise and find ways of building a relationship that fit you both. You’ll have to treat each other very carefully and try to understand the needs of the other. Of course, there are certain hidden rocks, but look at all the advantages of age gape relationships! Good or bad – it’s up to you to decide. But don’t give up on a love opportunity just because you were born in different decades.