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6 simple rules for a happy Western-Russian marriage

6 simple rules for a happy Western-Russian marriage

Many women dream of life in Europe that attracts them with the courteous gentlemen in elegant suits and expensive cars that have a good knowledge in literature, politics, and good wines, conquer one after another career peaks, have a good sense of humor and a great taste in everything.

It is worth to note that Europeans are very sensitive to marriage. In some of the countries people have a conservative opinion that marriage is a sacred union of two loving hearts, in others they simply try to avoid bad consequences of rush steps that may result in constant misunderstanding and even divorce.

In order to prevent unwanted situations and live a happy life with the man of your dream we prepared a couple of tips that may be useful for you.

Rule #1 Strike lucky

Do not give your minion of fortune any reason to think that you want to marry him because of the opportunities you will be able to get abroad. But at the same time you should not be indifferent to the material welfare. Let him believe that he is a man of your life that you have dreamt about since your childhood and that he can make all your dreams come true.

Rule #2 Be practical

Foreign men are very efficient! And you need to support them in everything. Show your intelligence and ability to strategic thinking. Plan everything ahead. Let your romantic and windy nature be a pleasant surprise for him a little bit later. And, as for now, concentrate more on planning of the development of your relations in the future. According to statistics, men from Europe appreciate such behavior, so the probability of your success is much higher.

Rule #3 Do not dissemble

Start your relations with truth. Do not pretend to be someone else. Every man is looking for a woman he can fully trust and the beginning of relations should not start with lies. No one likes when the partner is not sincere and men can feel that. Every man wants his fiancée to be sincere and doesn’t want to get disappointed with. Be natural and tactful. Act as European, think like Slavic. If you are able to maintain the necessary balance at your first meeting, you will get a wonderful man who will carry you in his hands until the end of days.

Rule #4 Express yourself

Europeans appreciate in women the presence of their own opinion and the ability to express it in the right place. Everyone wants to see next to them a woman who knows how to achieve success. The goal of your life is what matters the most. Your attitude towards life and work that makes you happy is what attracts men’s attention. Hobbies and passion for travelling is another thing that Europeans adore in women, especially when they share their experience with great enthusiasm and bright eyes.

Rule #5 Be indispensable



There is no need to be strong and independent woman. European man usually looks for tender person that he wants to protect and carry about but not a woman who is like a whirlwind can do all things at once without any problem. In Europe they have enough women focused on their careers. Thus they are looking for the indispensable beautiful woman that they take care of, cherish and love.

Rule #6 Value family

You need to make it clear to a man that you are ready for a family, cooking and care, because the man who took a chance to find happiness in you is lacking of this. And you should definitely emphasize that you do not only know his desire for this, but also fully share it with him. Do not exaggerate. He is looking nor for a housekeeper but a wife. Give him a feeling that you want to create a wonderful and peaceful home place and you will save your life for centuries.

If you are ready to start a new life, share all successes and failures, happiness and sorrow with your beloved and open your heart for a new love and adventure.