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5 signs that you are not interested in him. The wilting of relation.

When woman and man see each other and understand they are just created for each other there is a lot of passion between them and no one even do not think about wilting of relationships.

But time goes by so quick and we even do not notice have we lost the freshness of relations and we look at other men or women. And it becomes so boring to walk in the park and hold hands with your man. And the earlier bellowed people became just friend in a good case or enemies in a worst case. So how to understand that you are losing your interest to a partner? What are the ‘SOS signs’ of the sinking “Ship of Love”?Here is 5 signs that you are not interested in him.

The first sing is time.

Look and say how much time do you spend with your partner? And how much time did you used to spend with your partner when you were at the beginning of your relations with him/her?Then ask yourself how many time do you spend with your friends and relatives and other things?If you will find out than in your week schedule you do not have your lover that seems you do not like him anymore!The way of life changed.

When your beloved invite you to have a cup of coffee in café or to meet with friends for baseball what do you usually say? If your are trying to find some work for yourself or try to ask your relative to seat with nephew or meet with your other friends this is very dangerous sing too.

The second sing of wilting relationships is that you do not want to call him.

He call you but you “have no time” to answer. Also when he calls you for the second time you are very irritated with this, because you were busy!And of course you never have time in your way of life to call by yourself and I am not even talking about the message.But when you have just started your relations the first thing you do when you were apart was to write him quick massage. And you wrote at least 5 massages a day and spend a lot of money on it but it was does not matter because you were in love.

The third sing of wilting relationships is that you are starting to tell you love about your previous relations or signs of attention you got from other men now! When you noticed this thing now that you are losing interest to you partner and you became more like friend that talk and tell to each other everything with a cup of tea.

The forth things is lack of physical contact. You used to kiss each other in a view of hundreds people and this did not make you confused, but now the time changed and you even do not want to give him a little kiss in front of people. This means you lost interest and looking for another partner and do not want to show your feeling to him anymore.

And the last fifth thing can help you to understand that everything is almost over is your inner voice. The way of life changed from ours to mine. If you feel nothing will work and your “Ship of love” is sinking you have two ways: to save this ship or to sink with it. Everything is in your hands!