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5 common Ukrainian/Russian online dating mistakes to avoid

5 common Ukrainian/Russian online dating mistakes to avoid

To start over, there are more than 15% of people around the world, who tried to use online platforms for communication. Actually, they could use in once to even use it everyday. So, what is the online dating website and what role it has considering different types of modern online communication activities.

It is important to say that during the last decade the Internet communication as well as meeting new people has changed a lot. Nowadays they are, probably, the first and the most important ways of communication and having conversations. During the last several years there is a tendency of communicating between countries and continents. It means, that if some years ago people communicated through the websites with people from their country (for example, inside United States of America), so now they are talking to people from completely different countries. Every country has its own style of communication, its own cultural differences and the way of making new friends. People from different countries have completely different style of conversations and temperament characteristics. There are no concrete rules, which can be popular and clear in all the countries. Ukraine and Russia are considered to be the similar in some situations countries. People from these countries are usually communicating in the same way and by using the same technics and even language. Nevertheless, there are several general online dating mistakes, which should be avoided in order to follow a good conversation and successful online relationship.

Do not lie about yourself

It does not depend on country, you should not lie about yourself. Use true information when completing your profile, write always-true facts. Some people think, that their pictures of celebrities on the profile will help to gather interesting people around to meet. But it is a false consideration. Try to give the truth in your text during the online conversations. People feel when there is a lie during the communications. In Russia and Ukraine there is a similar Russian language that helps them to understand each other easily. Creating truthful texts and being honest is going to lead you to the proactive and interesting conversation with people from Ukraine or Russia on the online dating website.

Avoid negative phrases

There are many people in the world with different style of writing and way of living. It is important to understand that people strive to those, who are joyful and happy all the time. It means, that you should not complain about your life, your job and everything that bothers you. Try to be always nice and speak about the stuff that motivates you and makes feeling better.

Be nice and friendly

It does not matter, whether you will see this person offline or not. It is a huge mistake when people have a bad behavior through the online communications wich can lead to the argument. You should always show positive emotions and be friendly to those who you do not even want to meet offline after the certain amount of communication.

Do not be quick

People are different, it is very important to remember. Some of them make fast decisions and others wait for some days or weeks before they say “Yes, I will go on a date with you”. But you do not need to be quick before you understand what the other person is feeling about that. Do not give a pressure, because most of people react negatively on such type of communication.

Do not have millions of conversations at once

Of course, you are planning to marry soon and you need to be fast in your dating experience. But do not try to make these conversations in one time. Usually it can lead to the negative incidents, when you forget, what you’ve been writing about as well as names of people you are communicating with.