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10 Ways to Attract Russian Women - Infographic

10 Ways to Attract Russian Women - Infographic

There's a big difference between Russian women and women from USA, Canada or even Europe. Men from all over the World attracted by Russian women after just seeing their pictures in magazines or on the internet. So where you can find a Russian woman of your dreams? And even after you meet a woman of your dreams, how to attract her? To solve your problem, we decided to collect TOP 10 ways to attract Russian women!

1. Join an Online Dating Site

If you haven’t yet found the girl of your dreams, try to find her on one of the online dating sites (e.g.

2. Show Your “Gentleman” Side

One of the best ways to attract single Russian women is to use your manners and show that you're a true gentleman.

3. Be Self-confident

Be a man and make your move. It will prove her that you’re confident, powerful man, that's just the type she’s looking for. Girls feel and estimate this in men.

4. Don’t be creepy

Once a girl talks to you, make sure you don’t show how shy you are or how sweaty you can get when you nervous.

5. Get creative

It may sound trivial, but Russian girls love trite things. Amaze her with something fun and special that she might never hear from other guys before.

6. Be mysterious

This means never telling your life story the moment you met a Russian woman. Keep your secrets for a while.

7. Be determined

If she rejects you once, it’s never a bad idea to try one more time. Russian women like fairy tales, in which gallant knight wins the lady of his heart. She may reject you once, but show her your that you are serious about your feelings and she might give you a chance.

8. Get an affair

When an extremely attractive Russian woman discovers that you have things going on with other women, it increases her interest. In fact, the # 1 thing that men who are successful with Russian women have in common is an active”private” life.

9. Stay optimistic

Russian brides are eager to share everything with their true love. They need a man who is positive and optimistic about life. Moaning is always a bad idea. Almost all the women without exceptions, like men who they can have fun with.

10. Be yourself

Don’t try to make things up. Russian girls more likely will feel when a man is being honest and when he is lying. When you’re talking to Russian women, make sure you’re totally and completely honest. Always try to do something unusual, pay attention to details that matter for girls, make her feel that she is the only one who is important for you.