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10 tips for men over 50 looking for a Russian wife

10 tips for men over 50 looking for a Russian wife

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse, Johnny Depp and Amber Hear, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockrat. What do all these couples have in common? That is right – the age gap. These men are much older than their women. It is not a surprise that older men are often attracted by younger women. However, there is a great amount of men over 50 who are looking for Russian wives. The reasons are quite different: some men are attracted by sheer beauty of these women, others want to find a woman who will be more family - oriented than western women.

It is worth noting that there are girls that find older man rather attractive as believe that they are more experienced and established. However, plenty of older men confess to not having idea how to find the right woman and how to court with a great age gap. If you are a man over 50 and you are looking for a Russian wife, take some time to read 10 tips that might ease your search.

Do not be boring.

After creating profile, find a woman that you would be interested in talking to but be careful. Times have changed and women you used to know 15-20 years ago are different from modern women. They are interested in different things and have absolutely different life style. It is even worth to do a small research to find out more about life style of modern women in order not to be too a boring company.

Remember – times have changed.

Back in the day, when you were a young lad, men used to court women in a different way. Old ways of courtship have been replaced by “hanging out”. Today intimate relationships are not considered to be something sacred by some young people. But do not be misled by widely-spread approach to relations and courtship. This approach will not do you a favour as reliable partner would not consider one night stand as solid ground for meaningful connection and solid relations. If you want to build solid relationships with a reliable and, at the same time, charming Russian woman, you need to show her that you treat her seriously.

  • Avoid a “daddy” attitude. Being more experienced does not require you giving advice all the time. Let her make her own decisions. A Russian woman wants to feel secure and protected but she would hate to feel that you are taking care of her like her father.
  • Be a gentleman. Probably the best advice that can be given is to treat her the way you would like another man to treat your sister.
  • Do not pay to mush attention to your age gap. It is not necessary to remind her of your age and the fact that you have probably seen much more in your life.
  • Be a leader. Even a self-confident woman with a great career would prefer a man to make the first step and ask her out for a date.
  • Do not focus too much on your job. If you have a good job it tells a lot about you – you are successful and you have achieved your goals. However, too much focusing on job might be a sign of work addiction. It might also mean that you will not have enough time for her.
  • Be open to who she really is. Let her be herself. It is a bad is idea to change something in her or make her dress in a different way. If she is not a thing model –type woman, do not keep telling her that she needs to lose weight.
  • Spring surprises. If you are steady in you relationships, it is good to make surprises from time to time. Give her flowers without any reason or invite her to a restaurant.
  • Be ready to changes. When it comes to serious relationships, you need to understand that you will have to make sacrifices. You have used to a certain lifestyle and appearance of a new person in your life might require some changes.