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Dear Customers! We hasten to inform you that as a result of frequent requests for a more convenient payment system, we have introduced a new function for the Checkout payment system. The work of this function facilitates your purchases by making automatic payments for the amount of your last replenishment if your credit balance on the site is reduced to zero. This function works continuously in automatic mode and can be turned on / off ONLY when the system purchases credits thro...
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Dear customers!   Due very often request for erasing full inbox letters from you, we decided to make this feature a service in full manner. All you need to do is send a request to tech support to delete your inbox.  The price of this service is 10 credits.   !IMPORTANT! Please notice : - This service works only to erase ALL your letters, without any exceptions; - This service will erase letters from our server, which means they cannot be r...
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Dear users, At present we have noticed that a lot of our clients are using the mobile app version and making payments through the Google Pay system, but sometimes issues can occur, and the transaction cannot go further and it comes out as an error.   We decided to make this article to help you set up your Google Pay app for making an easy, secured and fast transaction on our website without any issues.     First of all, you need to check the relevance of you...
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    Credit is an inner value of payments on the website, with which client pay for services. Credits can be purchased by packs with online transactions, received as bonus for activity on the website, received for completing tasks or granted by administration. After purchase of credits they will go on client's account and can be used at any time. If client does not show any activity on the website for more than 365 days or decided to delete his account, his credits...
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According to the rules of work with the mentioned lists, the control (adding, deleting) is done by the active client of the website.   Adding to the favorites is done by clicking the related button. To remove the lady from favorites follow the link and click the button   Adding to a blacklist   is done on the following page.
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