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Why are we different

Bridge-of-love.com website does not consider itself as a leader of the online dating industry. The purpose of the site is to bring people together in their search for long-term relationships. Millions of people on the Internet cannot find happiness in empty talks. Our goal is not to be the first; our goal is to be efficient.

We do our best to study the development of the dating market and to find the right criteria to help our customers because we strive for providing them with a chance to find their happiness.

We have a great many customers who have trusted us their hopes for family happiness. These are decent men and beautiful women all over the world. However, some of our prospective clients doubt the seriousness of the relationship that can be established between men and young and beautiful girls over a considerable distance.

We are making every effort to implement modern technical solutions which allow the website to bridge all the gaps between people who want to love and be loved. We make dreams of our customers come true.

We are the only site that has a unique system of scam control. Very often the main source of deceptions on different dating websites is the availability of a login and a password to third parties (f.e. regional marriage agencies administrators)We are the only site that has a unique system of scam control.

Our site does not allow agencies to disclose ladies' login and password. Password protection functions the same way as your credit card protection. A lady gets the password in a real envelope in the office of the agency or by mail at her home address.