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Photo Publishing Guidelines and Conditions of Use

  1. All photos which the users post on the site are published on a voluntary basis and are at the complete disposal of the site as long as the customer’s profile is active.
  2. The administration has the right to delete photos in its sole discretion without warning customers.
  3. The administration does not upload the customers’ photos by itself except the cases when the customers’ photos have been deleted due to the fault of the administration.
  4. The photos cannot be used by the customer as a proof of his presence on the site.
  5. The administration is not responsible for the objectiveness of the photos provided by the customers (men).
  6. The administration is not responsible for photos which have been deleted by the customer by mistake.
  7. The customer does not have the right to upload other people's photos and photos that are subject to copyright to his profile.
  8. Only the customer is responsible for the publication of photos in the customer’s profile.

Public photos are not the photos which you upload to your gallery.

Private photos are the photos uploaded to the private album.

Profile photos are the photos displayed in the profiles’ gallery.

Photo is a very important part of your profile which helps your chosen one to get to know you. Follow these rules and guidelines and you will be able to achieve maximum results. According to our rules and service provision policy, the site administration reserves the right to delete photos which do not comply with our rules. The photos which, in our opinion, can inflict moral harm to the site, the customer or the girl can also be deleted. The administration reserves the right to delete photos which have been uploaded by the user with a mistake (for example, the inverted image, black background, very bright image or very dark image).

Photo Publishing Rules

In any of the galleries, such as the ones with private, public or profile photos, it is prohibited to use pornographic photos and pictures. Also, it is prohibited to post photos with extremist and racist content. Any photos which display contact information (phone number, Skype, email address, etc.) in part or in whole are prohibited. The administration deletes all such materials without warning.

Profile photo
  1. All photo publishing rules apply to the profile photos.
  2. A profile photo is the main picture which the girl views in the customer’s gallery.
  3. Only personal photos must be used as profile photos.
  4. It’s not allowed to use photos of stars, nature images, design elements pictures, and other drawings as profile photos.
  5. If you are not ready to post your own photo as a profile photo at our site, choose a profile photo from the list provided by default.
  6. A profile photo can be published and changed by the customer.
  7. A profile photo is moderated by the site administration.
  8. Profile photos which have not passed moderation on the site are deleted irretrievably.
Public photos
  1. Photos in the gallery can be viewed by all the girls at the site.
  2. All photo publishing rules apply to the public photos.
  3. It’s allowed to publish not more than 50 photos in the public gallery.
Private photos
  1. Private photos can be used by the customer in order to send them by email or through chat.
  2. The administration does not moderate private photos. However, we reserve the right to delete photos if we receive complaints from the customers.